10 Facts about Durham

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Facts about Durham explain the city in North Carolina, United States. As of 1st July 2014, the population of Durham was a home of 251,893 people according to the United States Census Bureau.  It was estimated that Durham was inhabited by 542,710. It is a home to several educational institutions such as North Carolina Central University and Duke University.

Facts about Durham 1: the white and black population

The white people accounted for 60.8 percent of the population.  The black people accounted for 38.8 percent according to the Census Bureau in 1970.

Facts about Durham 2: Durham Performing Arts Center

Willie Nelson and B.B. King are the famous people who had performed at the Durham Performing Arts Center.

Durham Fact

Durham Fact

Facts about Durham 3: renovations

Durham featured a great of renovations found at its downtown where it featured restaurants, condominiums and offices.

Facts about Durham 4: the primary employers

The Duke University and Duke Medical Center are considered as the primary employers in Durham. Research Triangle Park employs 49,000 people. Check facts about Durban here.



Facts about Durham 5: agriculture

Agriculture is not flourished in Durham because the soil is dominated by clay. The major river is Eno River, which flows into the northern side of Durham.

Facts about Durham 6: climate

Based on the Koppen classification, Durham has the humid subtropical climate. On average, Durham has 170 mm of snow annually. The temperature is around 80 to 100 degrees F. During the summer season, it often has thunderstorms and rainfalls. The spring and autumn seasons are warm and mild. The winter is cool.

Durham Images

Durham Images

Facts about Durham 7: the events

Durham hosts various events such as art exhibitions, symphony concerts, plays, and jazz festivals. Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, Bull Durham Blues Festival and American Dance Festival are hosted here. Get facts about Dover here.

Facts about Durham 8: the dining

If you are interested to enjoy the culinary in Durham, you may want to go to the University Drive Areas, Brightleaf and Ninth Street. The American Tobacco District also features a number of new restaurants.

Durham Facts

Durham Facts

Facts about Durham 9: Nasher Museum of Art

In October 2005, Durham had the opening of Nasher Museum of Art

Facts about Durham 10: sport

The sport in Durham is mostly represented by the male basketball team of Duke University. When the team played at Cameron Indoor Stadium, the ticket sales were sold out in 2009. Another important sporting team of the city is the baseball one, which plays on the Durham Bulls International League.

Facts about Durham

Facts about Durham

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