10 Facts about Durham NC

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Facts about Durham NC will elaborate the city located in North Carolina, United States. Have you visited the city before? You must be impressed because the city is filled with many points of interest. Scrap Exchange is centered in Durham. It is a nonprofit organization, which reuses the creative art. If you are interested to know the smaller visual art studios and galleries, you may visit the Nasher Museum of Art. Check other unique facts about Durham NC below:

Facts about Durham NC 1: the 3rd Friday

The 3rd Friday is one of the most fascinating events hosted in the city.  The name is derived from its annual celebration on the third Friday of month. It is a good event for those who love art.

Facts about Durham NC 2: Durham School of the Arts

Durham School of the Arts is situated at the downtown Durham where it attracts various students all over United States. The art taught here is varied.  The students may learn about performing arts or even visual arts.

Durham NC Facts

Durham NC Facts

Facts about Durham NC 3: the notable galleries in Durham

Durham is a home to various galleries such as Golden Belt Studios, The Carrack Modern Art, and the Pleiades Gallery.  Find facts about Durham here.

Facts about Durham NC 4: an annual art festival

In May, there is an annual art festival hosted in the city. It is called the Durham Art Walk. It takes place in the streets where the artists will display their works.

Facts about Durham NC

Facts about Durham NC

Facts about Durham NC 5: politics

Talking about the politics of Durham, most people are democratic. Since its foundation in 1869, the people have voted the presidential candidate from Democratic Party.

Facts about Durham NC 6:  the issues

The issues related to classes and races have more attentions from the people in Durham. The local political scene in the city has been active since 1980s. Check facts about Dundee Scotland here.

Durham NC

Durham NC

Facts about Durham NC 7: the prominent groups

The Friends of Durham, the Durham People’s Alliance and Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People are some prominent groups here.

Facts about Durham NC 8: the mayor

Bill Bell has been the mayor of Durham since 2001. During the runoff election, 82 percent of votes in 2011 were for Bell.



Facts about Durham NC 9: the political issues

The political issues, which gain more attention, include the plan to eliminate homelessness, fluoridation of public drinking water, renewal of historic places, downtown Durham redevelopment and crime reduction.

Facts about Durham NC 10: the famous people from Durham

The famous people from Durham include the major league baseball pitcher Roger Less Craig, NFL player Michael Brooks, blues musician Bull City Red and painter Ernie Barnes.

Durham NC Pictures

Durham NC Pictures

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