10 Facts about Dust Devils

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Facts about Dust Devils inform the readers about the strong whirlwind.  The size of dust devils is ranging from small, medium or large one. It may have the height of a few meters or width of 0.5 meter. The large dust devil may reach the height of more than 1000 meters and the width more than 10 m.  It is characterized with upward vertical motion. Get other interesting facts about dust devils by reading the following post below:

Facts about Dust Devils 1: a threat

Dust devils may threaten the life of the people when they grow bigger. The property may be damaged too. In most cases, they are not harmful.

Facts about Dust Devils 2: the tornadoes and dust devils

Dust devils and tornadoes are often compared since both have the upward circular motion of wind. The dust devils may occur during the fair weather on the sunny day. It has the upward wind swirl. The larger parent circulation is spotted on the tornadoes.  The dust devils are less intense than the dust devils.

Dust Devils Facts

Dust Devils Facts

Facts about Dust Devils 3: the name of dust devil

The term the dancing devil is often used to call dust devil in southwestern United States.

Facts about Dust Devils 4: the name of dust devil in California

People often use the term the dust whirl or sand auger to call the dust devil in Death Valley, California.

Facts about Dust Devils

Facts about Dust Devils

Facts about Dust Devils 5: the Navajo people

The dust devils are often called as the spirits of dead Navajos, ghosts or even chiindii by the Navajo people.  The Navajo believes that it presents good spirit if the chindi has the clockwise spinning. It is the bad spirit when it has the counterclockwise spinning.

Facts about Dust Devils 6: the dust devils in other countries

The dust devils may reach the height of hundreds of meters in other countries such as Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. They call them djin.

Dust Devils

Dust Devils

Facts about Dust Devils 7: the formation of dust devils

Dust devils will be formed from the rotated air caused by the rise of a hot air from the low pressure of air located above it.

Facts about Dust Devils 8: the occurrence of dust devils

The rate of dust devil formation is increased during the cool atmospheric temperature and clear skies.  They are often occurred in the tarmac, desert and flat barren terrain.   Check facts about Desert Climate here.

Dust Devils on Mars

Dust Devils on Mars

Facts about Dust Devils 9: the intensity of dust devils on earth

The dust devils on earth are weak and small. It may have the speed of 70 km per hour or 45 miles per hour. The diameter is less than 0.9 meter or 3 feet.

Facts about Dust Devils 10:  the rare dust devils

It is rare for dust devil to have the speed more than 100 km per hour or 60 miles per hour. Find facts about Deltas here.

Dust Devil

Dust Devil

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