10 Facts about Dust Pneumonia

Tuesday, February 7th 2017. | Medical

Find out the useful insights about a disorder caused by the extensive exposure of dust storms on Facts about Dust Pneumonia. This condition was mainly found in 1930s when United States was affected by the Dust Bowl phenomenon. The lung is affected by the dust. The alveoli are inflamed due to the accumulated dust.  Some artists and musicians have been inspired by the dust pneumonia phenomenon. One of the songs inspired from the disorder is “Dust Pneumonia Blues” by Wood Guthrie. Let us check the details about dust pneumonia below:

Facts about Dust Pneumonia 1: the symptoms

Can you tell me the symptoms of dust pneumonia? The affected people will have trouble to breathe the air and have high fever, coughing, and chest pain.

Facts about Dust Pneumonia 2: the death

The death of having dust pneumonia is high. It was very common to have the patients died during the Dust Bowl.

Dust Pneumonia Facts

Dust Pneumonia Facts

Facts about Dust Pneumonia 3: the death rate

The Dust Bowl took place in 1930 in Great Plains. Even though the condition was severe, the official record related to the death rate caused by dust pneumonia was not available. Check facts about Drug Abuse here.

Facts about Dust Pneumonia 4: the dust mask

One way to prevent dust pneumonia is by wearing a dust mark. In the past, the Red Cross made an initiative by distributing the dust masks for the people.

Dust Pneumonia

Dust Pneumonia

Facts about Dust Pneumonia 5: the death rate from Kansas

It was reported that 17 people passed away because of dust pneumonia according to the Kansas State Board of Health.

Facts about Dust Pneumonia 6: how does dust pneumonia affect the lung?

The dust pneumonia affects how the lungs work due to the accumulated dust inside the alveoli. The lungs are unable to clear themselves for the cilia stop working.

Facts about Dust pneumonia

Facts about Dust pneumonia

Facts about Dust Pneumonia 7: the dust storms

The people who live on the areas with high frequency of dust storms should play attention more to prevent dust pneumonia. A large volume of sand is brought during the dust storm. A wall of thick dust may be formed by the dust storm with the height of 0.99 miles or 1.6 kilometer.

Facts about Dust Pneumonia 8: the Sahara desert

The common place affected by the dust storm is the Sahara Desert in Africa. The local people call it simoon or simoom. Look at facts about Drug overdose here.

Dust Pneumonia Images

Dust Pneumonia Images

Facts about Dust Pneumonia 9: the diseases

Various diseases are spread around the world because of dust storms. One of them is dust pneumonia.

Facts about Dust Pneumonia 10: the urban air pollution

The urban air pollution mixed with dust storm improves the probability of having dust pneumonia.

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