10 Facts about Dust Storms

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The people who live in arid and semi-arid regions should know more about Facts about Dust Storms. This meteorological phenomenon is very common in those regions. The dry surface contains the loose sand and dirt. When there is a strong wind, the sands and dirt will be blown away covering the sky.  The soil will be relocated from one place to another place as deposit. Therefore, it involves with saltation and suspension during the transported process of soil, sand, dirt and other particle. Find out the complete information about dust storms below:

Facts about Dust Storms 1: the airborne dust

The airborne dust is mainly found in the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa. Other sources are from India, Pakistan, Iran and China.

Facts about Dust Storms 2: the argument about dust storm

It is believed that the size and frequency of dust storms are increased due to the poor management of drylands on earth. Some people argue that the fallow system of the drylands is abandoned.

Facts about Dust Storms

Facts about Dust Storms

Facts about Dust Storms 3: the local economy

The presence of dust storm has negative impact to the local economies and the world’s climate.

Facts about Dust Storms 4: the sandstorm

When you use the term sandstorm, it refers to the dust storm in desert. The visibility is obscured due to the blowing soil. People use the word dust storm to call the blown finer particles, which may affect the urban regions. Look at facts about Desert Climate here.

Dust Storms

Dust Storms

Facts about Dust Storms 5: the process of dust storm

The soil of the dry land begins to vibrate and leap as the strong wind passes. The ground will be hit repeatedly. The smaller particles will be broken and loosened before the winds and particles travel.

Facts about Dust Storms 6: the mechanisms

There are a number of mechanisms of dust storm movement such as the saltation, suspension and creep.

Dust Storm Pic

Dust Storm Pic

Facts about Dust Storms 7: the causes of dust storms

The dust storm might be caused by the strong pressure gradients or even thunderstorms in the desert regions.

Facts about Dust Storms 8: the vertical height

The weight of the particulates and atmosphere stability are the factors, which affect the vertical height of sand and dust. Get facts about Dust Devil here.

Dust Storms facts

Dust Storms facts

Facts about Dust Storms 9: the height of the dust

The dust may reach the height of 6,100 meter or 20,000 feet when it is lifted by the storm.

Facts about Dust Storms 10: the dryland farming

A factor, which may improve the risk of having dust storm, is the dryland farming.

Dust Storm

Dust Storm

What do you think on facts about dust storms?

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