10 Facts about Dwarf Hamsters

Saturday, February 11th 2017. | Animals

Facts about Dwarf Hamsters explain about the smallest species of hamster. It has the biological name of Phodopus roborovskii. In the past, it is called Cricetulus bedfordiae. The common name of the hamster is Roborovski hamsters, the Robos or desert hamsters. During the birth, it has the length of 0.8 inch or 2 cm. During the adulthood, it has the weight of 20 to 25 grams and length of 4.5 to 5 cm. Let us check more facts about dwarf hamsters below:

Facts about Dwarf Hamsters 1: the unique characteristics

Dwarf hamsters have the unique characteristics from the lack of dorsal stripe and eyebrow-like white spots.

Facts about Dwarf Hamsters 2: the life span

Dwarf hamsters do not have long life span. They may live for around three years. The living condition will affect the life span.  In most cases, the dwarf hamsters, which live in the wild, will live for two years. In the captivity, they will live for four years.

Dwarf Hamster

Dwarf Hamster

Facts about Dwarf Hamsters 3: the amazing speed

The dwarf hamsters have amazing speed. In one night, the hamsters will do four human marathons for they love running. Check facts about dugong here.

Facts about Dwarf Hamsters 4: where to find the dwarf hamsters

The deserted areas located in Xinjiang, Mongolia, Tuva and Lake Zaysan feature the dwarf hamsters.

Dwarf Hamster Range

Dwarf Hamster Range

Facts about Dwarf Hamsters 5: the habitat

The dwarf hamsters like to live on the spare vegetation and loose sand. It is hard to find the hamsters in the solid clay areas and dense vegetation.

Facts about Dwarf Hamsters 6: the elevation

Dwarf hamsters will like to live at the height of 3,900 feet to 4,760 feet or 1,200 meter to 1,450 meter.

Facts about Dwarf Hamster

Facts about Dwarf Hamster

Facts about Dwarf Hamsters 7: the water

Dwarf hamsters are capable for living on the desert for they use the water efficiently and effectively.  They live in burrows that they dig up to the depth of 6 feet.  They begin the activity during the dawn and dusk because they are crepuscular in the wild.

Facts about Dwarf Hamsters 8: the omnivorous animals

Dwarf hamsters are considered as the omnivorous animals for they eat different kinds of foods such as plants, fruits, vegetables, insects, grains and meat. Get facts about dust mites here.

Dwarf Hamsters

Dwarf Hamsters

Facts about Dwarf Hamsters 9: in the winter

During the winter season, the dwarf hamsters will stay under the ground.

Facts about Dwarf Hamsters 10: the burrow

The burrow is dug and divided in system so that they have the place to store food, sleep, and stockpile food.

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