10 Facts about Dwarfism

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Facts about Dwarfism tell us about the medical condition which leads in to the slow growth. The human being with dwarfism has the short stature. When they reach the adulthood, the height is not more than 58 inches or 147 cm.  There are over 300 medical conditions, which may cause dwarfism. That is why; the level of dwarfism is varied among the individuals. Let me show you useful facts about dwarfism by reading the following post below:

Facts about Dwarfism 1: the major types

There are two major types of dwarfism. They are the proportionate and disproportionate dwarfism. The former one is defined by the normally proportioned body, yet the body is very small. The latter one is defined by one or more body parts with small or large size.

Facts about Dwarfism 2: the features

The lifespan and intelligence of the people with dwarfism are normal.  However, it is common for them to have the low muscle tone.

Dwarfism Image

Dwarfism Image

Facts about Dwarfism 3: the treatment

The treatment for dwarfism is determined by the causes. Surgery is applicable for the people who have bone growth disorders. Check facts about doctors here.

Facts about Dwarfism 4: the hormone disorder

Before fusion of growth plates on the child, the hormone replacement therapy might be applied to treat the hormone disorder on dwarfism.

Dwarfism Pictures

Dwarfism Pictures

Facts about Dwarfism 5: the support

The people with dwarfism are supported by having their own specialized furniture. Moreover, the discrimination that they face is handled by many support groups. The height discrimination often occurs on the people with dwarfism. They are often ridiculed by friends during the childhood period.

Facts about Dwarfism 6: the little people

The term the little people is more preferable than the term dwarfism to use in some countries such as Australia, Canada, United States and Great Britain.



Facts about Dwarfism 7: the medical condition

A person is not considered as dwarfism if he or she is short without any medical condition. It is possible for a short man and a short woman to have a child with short stature. Look at facts about Dust Pneumonia here.

Facts about Dwarfism 8: the children of dwarfism

The people with dwarfism have the possibility to generate the kids with average height if the gene is not transmitted to the kids.

Facts about Dwarfism

Facts about Dwarfism

Facts about Dwarfism 9: the metal effects

The underlying syndrome will determine the level of metal effects experienced by the people with dwarfism. The metal function is not impaired on the person with skeletal dysplasia.

Facts about Dwarfism 10: the impaired metal

The mental capacity is impaired if dwarfism affects the brain growth and cranial structure of the brain.

Dwarfism Facts

Dwarfism Facts

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