10 Facts about Dwayne Johnson

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If you want to know the actor whose ring name is The Rock, check Facts about Dwayne Johnson.  He was born on 2nd May 1972. His full name is Dwayne Douglas Johnson.  He is a professional wrestler, singer, and producer. He has dual citizenship of Canada and United States. The birthplace of Johnson was located in California. However, he grew up in New Zealand, Hawaii and Pennsylvania. When he was in the University of Miami, he became a college football player.  He was member of Miami Hurricanes football team, which earned a national championship in 1991. Let us get other interesting facts about Dwayne Johnson below:

Facts about Dwayne Johnson 1: Canadian Football League

He played in the Canadian Football League since he was a player in Calgary Stampeders. During the 1995 season, Johnson was cut for two months.

Facts about Dwayne Johnson 2: a professional wrestler

He was interested to become a professional wrestler after being cut off. Do you know that his father Rocky Johnson and his grandfather Peter Maivia were wrestler? Since both were Canadian, Johnson earned the Canadian citizenship.

Dwayne Johnson Image

Dwayne Johnson Image

Facts about Dwayne Johnson 3: the career in WWE

He was signed for a part-time contract in WWE. In 1996 until 2004, Johnson obtained the mainstream success in WWF. In 2011 until 2013, he worked part-time for WWE where he also appeared in the nonwrestling activity in the company. Check facts about Drake here.

Facts about Dwayne Johnson 4: the championship

Johnson was an eight-time winner of WWF/WWE Championship and a two-time winner of WCW/World Championship.

Dwayne Johnson Pic

Dwayne Johnson Pic

Facts about Dwayne Johnson 5: the autobiography

In 2000, Johnson published his autobiography co-written with Joe Layden. The title is The Rock Says… The book is commercially successful for it has been sold 720,000 copies for the hardcover version. On the List of New York Times Best Seller, it took No.1.

Facts about Dwayne Johnson 6: the leading role movie

Johnson turned his career from a professional wrestler into an actor.  The Scorpion King marked his debut as a leading role in the movie. His income was $5.5 million.

Facts about Dwayne Johnson

Facts about Dwayne Johnson

Facts about Dwayne Johnson 7: the greatest success

Some people argue that his role in The Fast and The Furious franchise as Luke Hobbs are his greatest success as an actor.

Facts about Dwayne Johnson 8: a production company

Seven Bucks Productions is the production company of Johnson. Get facts about Duffy here.

Dwayne Johnson Images

Dwayne Johnson Images

Facts about Dwayne Johnson 9: the powerful celeb

In the list of the Top 100 Most Powerful Celebrities in 2013 of Forbes, Johnson was placed at No.25.

Facts about Dwayne Johnson 10: the highest-paid actor

In 2016, the highest-paid actor in the world was taken by Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson Facts

Dwayne Johnson Facts

Are you amazed after reading facts about Dwayne Johnson?

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