10 Facts about Dwight Eisenhower

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Facts about Dwight Eisenhower will talk about the 34th President of United States who served at the office from 1953 until 1961. He was born on 14th October 1890 and died on 28th March 1969. His full name was Dwight David Eisenhower. During the Second World War, he served at the US Army as a five-star general. In Europe, he was selected Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces. In 1942 until 1943, the invasion of North Africa in Operation Torch was supervised and planned by Eisenhower. He also contributed to the Western Front during 1944/1945 France and Germany invasion. Check also other interesting facts about Eisenhower below:

Facts about Dwight Eisenhower 1: NATO

Eisenhower was selected as the first Supreme Commander of NATO in 1951.

Facts about Dwight Eisenhower 2: the background of Eisenhower

Let us talk about the background of Eisenhower. He was from a strong religious family who grew up in Kansas. Eisenhower had the Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry.

Dwight Eisenhower Football

Dwight Eisenhower Football

Facts about Dwight Eisenhower 3: the personal life

Eisenhower and Mamie Doud married after he finished his education at the West Point in 1915. The couple was blessed with two sons.

Facts about Dwight Eisenhower 4: the life after the Second World War

Eisenhower was appointed as the Army Chief of Staff after the Second World War ended. Get facts about Duke William of Normandy here.

Dwight Eisenhower Facts

Dwight Eisenhower Facts

Facts about Dwight Eisenhower 5: presidential election

Eisenhower was interested to become a president of United States. He was a republican who followed the presidential race in 1952. His main competitor was Adlai Stevenson, a democratic that he defeated during the presidential election.

Facts about Dwight Eisenhower 6: the primary goals

The primary goals of Eisenhower as a president were to decrease the federal deficits and maintain the pressure on the Soviet Union.

Facts about Dwight Eisenhower

Facts about Dwight Eisenhower

Facts about Dwight Eisenhower 7:  the first year

Eisenhower launched his threat to end the Korean War by using the nuclear weapons during the first year of presidency. He wanted to decrease the fund for conventional military forces by using the affordable nuclear weapons.

Facts about Dwight Eisenhower 8: the establishment of NASA

NASA was established under the authority of Eisenhower after Sputnik was launched in 1957 by Soviet Union. See facts about Duleep Singh here.

Dwight Eisenhower Image

Dwight Eisenhower Image

Facts about Dwight Eisenhower 9: condemned action

Eisenhower disagreed with the decision of France, Britain and Israel when they invaded Egypt during Suez Crisis of 1956. During the Hungarian Revolution in 1956, Soviet Union invasion was condemned by Eisenhower.

Facts about Dwight Eisenhower 10: Eisenhower doctrine

Have you ever heard about Eisenhower doctrine? It was named after the president. Many Arab countries were skeptical about it.

Mamie eisenhower

Mamie eisenhower

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