10 Facts about Dylan O’Brien

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If you want to know more about the main star in the Maze Runner franchise, check Facts about Dylan O’Brien.  He was born on 26 August 1991.  He is not only known as an actor, but also a musician. The people began to pay attention on O’Brien when he appeared in MTV series Teen Wolf as “Stiles” Stilinski. He is more famous after appearing in the Maze Runner series. Let us get other ideas about Dylan O’Brien by reading the following post below:

Facts about Dylan O’Brien 1: the Maze Runner

The Maze Runner is one of the high grossed movies in America.  It is a dystopian sci-fi adventure. The first installment is entitled The Maze Runner. The sequel is entitled Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.

Facts about Dylan O’Brien 2: the final installment

The final installment of the series is entitled Maze Runner: The Death Cure where O’Brien also reprises his role as Thomas.  On 17th February 2017, the movie is planned to release.   Get facts about Dwight Howard here.

Dylan O'Brien Facts

Dylan O’Brien Facts

Facts about Dylan O’Brien 3: the rescheduling

The movie release is rescheduled on 12th January 2018 because of the injuries that O’Brien had during the filming.

Facts about Dylan O’Brien 4: the birthplace and early life

The birthplace of O’Brien was located in New York City. His father was a camera operator named Patrick O’Brien. His mother was a former actress who managed an acting school. Her name is Lisa.

Facts about Dylan O'Brien

Facts about Dylan O’Brien

Facts about Dylan O’Brien 5: the place of living

Until he was 12 years old, Dylan spent his childhood in Springfield Township, New Jersey. Then the family relocated to Hermosa Beach, California.

Facts about Dylan O’Brien 6: after high school graduation

In 2009, Dylan graduated from Mira Costa High School. He wanted to work in sport broadcasting. He also had a dream to work in the Mets. Check facts about Donald Trump here.

Maze Runner Poster

Maze Runner Poster

Facts about Dylan O’Brien 7: an acting career

He preferred to pursue an acting career to sport broadcasting. Since Dylan had his personal YouTube channel, he had the experience for producing, starring and directing some comedic short films.

Facts about Dylan O’Brien 8: audition

Dylan earned one of the major roles in Teen Wolf after he followed a number of auditions.

Maze Runner The Scorch Trials

Maze Runner The Scorch Trials

Facts about Dylan O’Brien 9: The Internship

Dylan shared screen with the famous actors like Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in the comedy movie, The Internship. It was directed by Shawn Levy.

Facts about Dylan O’Brien 10: the lead role

Finally, he ended up with a lead role in The Maze Runner adapted from a novel with a similar name. The movie was well accepted by the audiences.

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