10 Facts about Dylan Thomas

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We will discuss Facts about Dylan Thomas to inform the readers with the notable Welsh writer and poet. He was born on October 27th, 1914 and died on November 9th, 1953.  His full name was Dylan Marlais Thomas. He died in New York City at the age of 39.  During his lifetime, Thomas was famous. People still remember him despite his premature death. Thomas earned his reputation as a doomed and drunken poet.

Facts about Dylan Thomas 1: the birthplace of Thomas

The birthplace of Thomas was located in Swansea, Wales. During his school time, he was only an ordinary student.   At the age of 16, he left school.  Then he became a journalist for a brief period.

Facts about Dylan Thomas 2: the teen period

During the teen period, many works of Thomas had been published. The literary world began to pay attention to him after the “Light breaks where no sun shines” was published in 1934. Look at facts about Dwight Howard here.

Dylan Thomas Facts

Dylan Thomas Facts

Facts about Dylan Thomas 3: marriage

In 1937, Thomas and Caitlin Macnamara wedded. The couple met when Thomas lived in London.

Facts about Dylan Thomas 4: the personal relationship

The mutually destructive relationship and alcoholism defined the marriage of Thomas and Caitlin. Thomas and his family settled in Laugharne during the early years of their marriage. It was fishing village in Wales.

Dylan Thomas Pic

Dylan Thomas Pic

Facts about Dylan Thomas 5: popularity

Thomas was a popular poet during his lifetime. However, it was hard for him to earn money from his writing.

Facts about Dylan Thomas 6: income

Since writing did not give enough money, he decided to do radio broadcasts and reading tours. He caught the public attention after appearing in radio recordings of BBC in 1940s. BBC often employed him as a populist voice for the literary scene.

Dylan Thomas Gravesite

Dylan Thomas Gravesite

Facts about Dylan Thomas 7: fame

Thomas became famous due to his readings. However, his drinking and unpredictable behaviors were getting bad. He received a great deal of popularity in America. In 1950s, Thomas first went to America. Get facts about Dylan O’Brien here.

Facts about Dylan Thomas 8: the fourth trip to US

Thomas was severely ill which led into a coma in 1953 during his fourth trip to New York. He never woke up from the coma. On 9 November 1953, he passed away. On 25th November 1953, his body was interred in Laugharne after it was sent back to Wales.

Facts about Dylan Thomas

Facts about Dylan Thomas

Facts about Dylan Thomas 9: the Welsh literature

Thomas is still considered as a famous Welsh poet even though most of his works are written in English.

Facts about Dylan Thomas 10: the characteristics of his works

The works of Thomas are characterized with the creative imagery and rhythmic words.

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