10 Facts about Dyslexia

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The reading disorder is explained on Facts about Dyslexia. The intelligence level is normal. However, the trouble reading is occurred on the person with dyslexia. It affects the people in various levels. The signs of having dyslexia are often spotted when the person is at school. It has a number of symptoms. The person with dyslexia has a problem to understand what other people read. They also have trouble when reading quickly, spelling words, pronouncing words, sounding out the words in the head, and writing words. Let us check other useful facts about dyslexia below:

Facts about Dyslexia 1: causes

There are two primary factors, which may cause dyslexia. They are the environmental and genetic factors.

Facts about Dyslexia 2: the cases of dyslexia

The cases of dyslexia are often linked with the difficulties to deal with numbers. The person with ADHD is also associated with dyslexia.

Dyslexia Condition

Dyslexia Condition

Facts about Dyslexia 3: adulthood

Dyslexia may start in the adulthood. The causes include dementia, stroke or even traumatic brain injury.

Facts about Dyslexia 4: the brain

The language processing in the brain is affected which leads into dyslexia. Look at facts about dwarfism here.

Dyslexia Pic

Dyslexia Pic

Facts about Dyslexia 5: how to diagnose dyslexia

A series of tests will be conducted to find out whether a person has dyslexia or not. The tests are related to the reading, vision, spelling and memory.

Facts about Dyslexia 6: the reading difficulties

Dyslexia is always associated with reading difficulties. However, the people who have reading difficulties because of the lack of teaching, vision problem and hearing problem are not included in dyslexia cases.

Dyslexia Facts

Dyslexia Facts

Facts about Dyslexia 7: treatment

The teaching method should be altered to meet the need of the person with dyslexia. Even though the treatment may not cure dyslexia, it will reduce the symptoms. Get facts about doctors here.

Facts about Dyslexia 8: the number of people with dyslexia

Around 3 to 7 percent of the population in the world is affected by dyslexia. This condition is found in all parts of the world.

Facts about Dyslexia

Facts about Dyslexia

Facts about Dyslexia 9: the symptoms of dyslexia

The symptoms of dyslexia in the beginning of childhood are seen from the difficulty to deal with direction and differentiate left and right.

Facts about Dyslexia 10: deep dyslexia

The hypothesis states that deep dyslexia is developed from phonological dyslexia. It is characterized by the broad damage of brain. The person with deep dyslexia will read a word accompanied with a connected meaning.



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