10 Facts about Dyson

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The information about the British technology company is elaborated on Facts about Dyson.  The products of Dyson include hair dryers, heaters, bladeless fans, hand dryers, and vacuum cleaners. Dyson hires around 7,000 people globally. The products are sold in more than 70 countries in the world. Let us check other useful facts about Dyson below:

Facts about Dyson 1: James Dyson

When James Dyson renovated his property, he faced difficulty to deal with the conventional wheelbarrow. The wheel was unstable and sank in the mud when he used it. Moreover, the dried cement covered the steel body, which destroyed the paint color.

Facts about Dyson 2: the ballbarrow

Due to the problem that he encountered with the wheelbarrow, he created a prototype called the ballbarrow by 1974. It used ball rather than wheel.

Dyson Facts

Dyson Facts

Facts about Dyson 3: vacuum cleaner

Dyson also faced problem when using the vacuum cleaner. Over the time, the suction ability was decreased. Moreover, it clogged quickly. Even though he tried to restore the vacuum cleaner, it had no positive impact. Eventually he realized that a layer of dust inside the vacuum cleaner clogged and prevented it to work well.  Thus, Dyson was interested to create efficient vacuum cleaner. Check facts about Dunkin Donuts here.

Facts about Dyson 4: the prototype design

In 1979 until 1984, there were 5,127 prototype designs developed by Dyson.



Facts about Dyson 5: the little success

Dyson only earned little success with his first red and blue vacuum cleaner. Rotork was the only company, which showed an interest to license his new cyclonic vacuum technology. 500 units of Dyson’s vacuum cleaner were sold in 1983 under the brand Kleeneze Rotork Cyclon.

Facts about Dyson 6: Apex Ltd

Apex Ltd was a Japanese company interested to license the Dyson’s vacuum cleaner in 1985.  It was called G-Force sold at the price of US$2,000 in Japan. The vacuum cleaner earned International Design Fair prize in Japan in 1991.

Facts about Dyson

Facts about Dyson

Facts about Dyson 7: Dyson Appliances Ltd

In 1991, Dyson Appliances Ltd was established after Dyson got the income from Japanese license. Look at facts about Domino’s here.

Facts about Dyson 8: the first product using his name

The DA 001 was the first product, which bore Dyson’s name. Phillips Plastics manufactured the product. It was sold with the price of £200.

Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer

Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer

Facts about Dyson 9: a transparent container

Dyson decided to manufacture a vacuum cleaner with a transparent container even though the market researchers showed that it was not popular among customers. However, the product with transparent container was popular.

Facts about Dyson 10: the other technologies

Besides vacuum cleaner, Dyson also created other technologies by 2009, which included the bladeless fan heater, the Air Multiplier ‘bladeless’ fan and the AirBlade hand dryer.

Dyson Facts

Dyson Facts

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