10 Facts about E.B. White

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Check Facts about E.B. White if you want to know the prominent American writer. He was born on 11th July 1899 and died on 1st October 1985. His full name was Elwyn Brooks White. He was known more as E.B. White. White was the co-author of Strunk & White or The Element of Style. This book was the style guide for English language. White was also recognized as the contributor of The New York Magazine. Let us find out other interesting facts about E.B. White below:

Facts about E.B. White 1: books for children

Do you know that some books of children were written by White? The famous ones include Trumpet of the Swan in 1970, Charlotte’s Web in 1952 and Stuart little in 1945.

Facts about E.B. White 2: Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a very popular book of White. According to a survey conducted by School Library Journal in 2012, the top of novel for children was taken by Charlotte’s Web. The earlier surveys have been conducted too where the book also earned the same position.

Facts about E. B. White

Facts about E. B. White

Facts about E.B. White 3: the birthplace of White

The birthplace of White was located in Mount Vernon, New York.  His mother was Jessie Hart White. William Hart, the famous painter was his father who became the president of a piano firm named Samuel Tilly White. Check facts about Ben E King here.

Facts about E.B. White 4: Stanley Hart White

Stanley Hard White was the older brother of Elwyn. During his childhood, his brother influenced him a lot.  His teaching made the young Elwyn developed the love for nature. Do you know that his older brother was an inventor of the Vertical Garden? He also earned the position as professor of Landscape Architecture. Check facts Eazy-E here.

E.B. White Pic

E.B. White Pic

Facts about E.B. White 5: education

In 1921, White earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cornell University. Before he went to college, he had served in the army.

Facts about E.B. White 6: Andy

When he attended Cornell University, he chose Andy as his nickname. White and Allison Danzig, his classmate became the editor for the Cornell Daily Sun.

E.B. White Pictures

E.B. White Pictures

Facts about E.B. White 7: the first article

In 1925, the first article of White was published in The New Yorker magazine. In 1927, he was a part of the staff team.

Facts about E.B. White 8: awards

White was a famous author. There is no need to wonder that his contribution earned him a special Pulitzer Prize in 1978. In 1963, he was awarded with a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

E. B. White Signature

E. B. White Signature

Facts about E.B. White 9: as a narrator

White became a narrator in The Family That Dwelt Apart. It was an animated short movie, which earned a nomination of Academy award in 1973.

Facts about E.B. White 10: Stuart Little

In 1945, Stuart little was published as the first children book of White. He was inspired to write books for kids due to Janine Hart White. She was her niece.

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