10 Facts about E-Cigarettes

Tuesday, March 28th 2017. | Health

Look at Facts about E-Cigarettes if you want to know an electronic cigarette. The users will inhale the vapor produced by this handheld electronic device. The flavored liquid inside electronic cigarette will be vaporized. The people will use the term vaping when using an electronic cigarette. The e-liquid is a term used to call the liquid in an electronic cigarette. It contains flavorings, nicotine, glycerine and propylene glycol. However, nicotine is not always found in all e-liquids. Let me show you other interesting facts about electronic cigarettes below:

Facts about E-Cigarettes 1: the health risks and effects

The health risks and effects of electronic cigarettes are not certain. Some people believe that they are safer compared to the traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Facts about E-Cigarettes 2: smoking

The people who want to quit smoking tend to use electronic cigarettes to help them deal with nicotine addiction. However, it is not recommended for the non-smokers to use electronic cigarettes for it may lead into addiction of smoking.

E-Cigarettes Types

E-Cigarettes Types

Facts about E-Cigarettes 3: the adverse effect

The serious adverse effect of electronic cigarettes is not spotted.  Coughing, nausea, vomiting, mouth and throat irritations are some less serious adverse effects.

Facts about E-Cigarettes 4: the exact composition

The exact composition of aerosol or vapor in electronic cigarettes is varied. It may contain the harmful chemicals, heavy metals or toxicants. Check facts about drug addiction here.



Facts about E-Cigarettes 5: Hon Lik

Hon Lik was a Chinese pharmacist who invented the modern e-cigarette in 2003. China has produced most electronic cigarettes as of 2015.

Facts about E-Cigarettes 6: the popularity

The popularity of electronic cigarettes is increased since its first sale in 2004. The widespread use is found in United Kingdom and United States.

E-Cigarettes Pic

E-Cigarettes Pic

Facts about E-Cigarettes 7: the reasons of using electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are popular among users due to a number of reasons. They want to save money, decrease the health risk, and quit smoking. Get facts about drinking alcohol here.

Facts about E-Cigarettes 8: legislation

The legislation of electronic cigarettes is still on debate in many countries due to the disputes related to the medical drug policies and tobacco laws.

Facts about E-Cigarettes

Facts about E-Cigarettes

Facts about E-Cigarettes 9: the brands

The global sales of e-cigarettes reached US$7 billion. There are at least 500 brands of electronic cigarettes.

Facts about E-Cigarettes 10: the unique flavors

The unique flavors for electronic cigarettes include coffee, fruit and candy.

E-Cigarettes Facts

E-Cigarettes Facts

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