10 Facts about Eamon de Valera

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Facts about Eamon de Valera will present the interesting information about the notable politician and political leader in 20th century in Ireland. He was born on October 14th, 1882 and died on 29th August 1975. His name was first registered as George de Valero. Then the name was altered to Edward de Valera before 1901. In 1917 to 1973, he had his career as a politician.  He became the head of state and head of government. The Constitution of Ireland was also introduced by Eamon de Valera.

Facts about Eamon de Valera 1: the role of Eamon de Valera

Have you realized the role of Eamon de Valera? During the Easter Rising in 1916, he served as the commander. During the Irish Civil War, which took place in 1922 until 1923, he was the political leader of the War of Independence. He also opposed the anti-Treaty.

Facts about Eamon de Valera 2: Fianna Fáil

Fianna Fáil was established by Valera after he left Sinn Fein in 1926 because of the abstentionism policy.

Eamon de Valera Cell

Eamon de Valera Cell

Facts about Eamon de Valera 3: the head of government

Valera served as the head of government in 1932 until 1948. He was selected again in 1951 until 1954 and 1957 until 1959.

Facts about Eamon de Valera 4: the political evolution

Valera began to focus on the cultural and social conservatism from his militant republicanism view. Find facts about Democratic Government here.

Facts about Eamon de Valera

Facts about Eamon de Valera

Facts about Eamon de Valera 5:  the political career of Valera

Let us talk about the political career of Valera. Some scholars described him as divisive, devious and stern politician. The leadership of Valera was marked by the stagnation in culture and economy.

Facts about Eamon de Valera 6: the birthplace and early life

The birthplace of Valera was located in New York City. His father was Juan Vivion de Valera. In the birth certificate, his father was born in Spain. He was an artist. His mother was from Bruree, County Limerick, Catherine Coll.

Eamon de Valera Grave

Eamon de Valera Grave

Facts about Eamon de Valera 7: the first political involvement

The first political involvement of Valera was when he participated in the political revolution. He was a member of Irish Volunteers. His rank was improved after the First World War. He was appointed as the captain the Donnybrook Company.

Facts about Eamon de Valera 8: the involvement in Easter Rising

Easter Rising was started on April 24th, 1916. The Boland’s Mill was controlled by Valera’s forces. Pádraig Pearse dropped the order for the forces to surrender where Valera was sentenced to death. However, he was never executed and had the penal servitude of life. Look at facts about dictatorship here.

Eamon de Valera Facts

Eamon de Valera Facts

Facts about Eamon de Valera 9: the death

On 29th August 1975, de Valera died in Linden Convalescent Home, County Dublin because of pneumonia and heart failure.

Facts about Eamon de Valera 10: the burial site

The burial site of de Valera is located at Glasnevin Cemetery.

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