10 Facts about Earth’s Core

Thursday, March 2nd 2017. | Science

The middle part of earth is elaborated on Facts about Earth’s Core. It has two parts of a solid inner core and a liquid outer core. The thickness of the liquid layer is around 2,260 km for the outer core. The nickel and iron are the primary materials, which compose the outer core. The solid inner core is located below the outer core. The distance between the earth’s surface and earth’s core is around 1,800 miles or 2,980 kilometer.

Facts about Earth’s Core 1: the temperature

The temperature of the earth’s core is around 4000 degrees Celsius to 6,100 degrees C. The former temperature is spotted at the outer part. The latter temperature refers to the inner core.

Facts about Earth’s Core 2: the magnetic field

It is believed that the magnetic field of Earth is affected by the presence of the current on the nickel iron fluid.



Facts about Earth’s Core 3: the measurement of magnetic field

The magnetic field located in the core is higher than the one in the surface.  At the core, it has the magnetic field of 25 Gauss. Look at facts about Deposition here.

Facts about Earth’s Core 4: the importance of outer core

The life of people and all living organisms will be different if there is no outer core. The magnetic field of Earth is created due to the convection of liquid metal on the outer core.

Earth's Core

Earth’s Core

Facts about Earth’s Core 5: the solar wind

The solar wind from the sun may affect the life of earth if there is no protective bubble around the earth. This bubble is created by the extension of magnetic field from the core to the outer part of earth.

Facts about Earth’s Core 6: the radius of inner core

The inner core has the radius of 760 miles or 1,216 kilometer. Inner core is a solid sphere according to the seismology.

The internal structure of Earth

The internal structure of Earth

Facts about Earth’s Core 7: the layers of inner core

The inner core is composed of two layers according to a Chinese scientist in 2015. Both are the outer inner core and inner core. Find facts about Earth’s Crust here.

Facts about Earth’s Core 8: the inner core boundary

The inner core boundary has the temperature at 5400 degrees C or 5700 K.

Facts about Earth's Core

Facts about Earth’s Core

Facts about Earth’s Core 9: Inge Lehmann

Inge Lehmann was the Danish seismologist who discovered that earth had a solid inner core in 1936.

Facts about Earth’s Core 10: the light elements

Besides nickel and iron, the core of earth also contains light elements such as sulfur, oxygen and silicon.

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