10 Facts about Earth’s Crust

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Facts about Earth’s Crust will inform the readers about the outermost solid shell of earth. Actually, it can be found in the natural satellites and other rocky planets. The chemical properties of crust are very different with the underlying mantle. The igneous process defines the earth’s crust. There are two major components of earth’s crust. Both are the oceanic crust and continental crust, which have different physical properties and chemical compositions. The geological processes, which compose the oceanic and continental crusts, are not similar. Let us find out other useful facts about earth’s crust below:

Facts about Earth’s Crust 1: the rocks

There are various kinds of rocks, which compose the earth’s crust such as the sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks.

Facts about Earth’s Crust 2: the upper part

The peridotite is spotted mostly on the upper part of mantle. The underlying crust is less dense than the upper crust.

Facts about Earth's Crust

Facts about Earth’s Crust

Facts about Earth’s Crust 3: Mohorovičić discontinuity

Mohorovičić discontinuity is considered as the boundary between the mantle and earth crust. The seismic velocity defines the boundary. Check facts about diamond here.

Facts about Earth’s Crust 4: the volume

The crust of earth only makes up around 1 percent of the volume of earth. There are two primary types of earth’s crust. Both are the continental and oceanic crusts. The former one features the less dense rocks compared to the oceanic crusts. It covers the thickness from 20 miles to 30 miles. Granite is an example of a less dense rock.  On the other hand, the oceanic rock features gabbro, diabase and basalt. It has the thickness of 3 miles to 6 miles.

Earth's Crust Image

Earth’s Crust Image

Facts about Earth’s Crust 5: the continental crust

The continental crust occupies than greater depth than the oceanic crust. It is also thicker.

Facts about Earth’s Crust 6: the temperature of crust

The crust temperature is improved at the deeper areas. It has the average temperature of 392 degrees F to 752 degrees F or 200 degrees C to 400 degrees C. Find facts about Divergent Boundaries here.

Earth's Crust

Earth’s Crust

Facts about Earth’s Crust 7: lithosphere

If you study geology, you must be familiar with lithosphere. It is made up by the uppermost mantle and earth’s crust.

Facts about Earth’s Crust 8: the average age

The experts believe that the earth’s crust has the age of 2.0 billion years.



Facts about Earth’s Crust 9: feldspars

Feldspars are considered as the most abundant minerals found on the continental crusts of earth for it accounts for 41 percent of the crust.

Facts about Earth’s Crust 10: other minerals

The other minerals, which make up the continent crusts, are pyroxenes and quartz.

Earth's Crust Facts

Earth’s Crust Facts

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