10 Facts about Earth’s History

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The formation and development of earth in the past until the present day is elaborated on Facts about Earth’s History. The scientists try to understand the primary events, which shape and form earth in all branches of natural science. It is believed that the formation of earth was dated back 4.54 billion years ago. The primordial atmosphere and ocean were created after the volcanic outgassing took place. Here are other useful facts about earth’s history:

Facts about Earth’s History 1: the primordial atmosphere

Almost no oxygen found at the primordial atmosphere. Most modern living organisms could not survive during the time due to the toxicity.

Facts about Earth’s History 2: the frequent collisions

The extreme volcanism occurred because of the frequent collisions with other bodies during the molten phase of earth.

Earth's History

Earth’s History

Facts about Earth’s History 3: the moon formation

It was believed that the formation moon was due to the giant impact collision with a planetary sized body. Check facts about earth’s core here.

Facts about Earth’s History 4: the formation of solid crust

The solid crust was formed on earth after it was cooled. The liquid water began to flow on earth’s surface.

Facts about Earth's History

Facts about Earth’s History

Facts about Earth’s History 5: before the life on earth

The period before the beginning of life on earth is called the Hadean Eon. This period started when earth was formed. It ended around 4 billion years ago. The period is followed by Archean and Proterozoic eons characterized by the presence of abiogenesis of life on the planet.

Facts about Earth’s History 6: Phanerozoic eon

Phanerozoic eon is divided in three eras. They are Palaeozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras. Earth was occupied by the huge dinosaurs during Mesozoic era. The mammals became the dominant species on earth during Cenozoic era.

Earth's History Facts

Earth’s History Facts

Facts about Earth’s History 7: Hominins

The latter period of Miocene epoch marked the rise of ancestor of human clade called Hominins. Get facts about Earth Day here.

Facts about Earth’s History 8: oxygen

The atmosphere of earth was enriched with oxygen around 3.2 to 2.4 billion years ago when the living forms appeared from photosynthesis.

Earth's History Image

Earth’s History Image

Facts about Earth’s History 9: the microscopic life

The microscopic life inhabited earth around 580 million years ago.

Facts about Earth’s History 10: extinction

The extinction occurred on five billion species that had inhabited earth. It accounted for 99 percent of all species. Today, earth is the home for around 10 million to 14 million species.

Facts about Earth

Facts about Earth

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