10 Facts about Earth’s Interior

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When talking about the interior of earth, it is better for us to think about an onion. The onion is in spherical shells, which consists of several layers just like earth’s interior. The rheological and chemical properties will distinguish each layer of earth. The outer core is in liquid form, while the crust is solid and hard. Various methods have been developed by the scientists to define the internal structure of earth. Let us find out other Facts about Earth’s Interior below:

Facts about Earth’s Interior 1: how to understand the internal structure

The scientists have observed the rock in the outcrop, bathymetry and topography to define the interior structure of earth.

Facts about Earth’s Interior 2: the volcanic activity

The volcanic activity has brought the samples of rocks in the internal structure of earth to the surface of earth. Thus, the scientists are capable of researching the sample to define the composition of earth’s interior. Look at facts about Earth History here.

Earth's Interior Pic

Earth’s Interior Pic

Facts about Earth’s Interior 3: other researches

The deep interior of earth is understood through temperatures and pressures of crystalline solids. The scientists also look at the magnetic field, gravitational field and seismic waves of earth.

Facts about Earth’s Interior 4: the schematic view

There are six components on the schematic view of earth’s interior. The first and latter ones are the continental crust and inner core respectively. The second one is oceanic crust. Then it is followed by upper mantle, lower mantle, and outer core.

Earth's Interior Facts

Earth’s Interior Facts

Facts about Earth’s Interior 5: how to define the earth’s structure

There are two ways of defining the earth’s structure. The division of earth includes the crusts, upper mantle, lower mantle, outer core and inner core according chemical composition. On the other hand, lithosphere is included as the first part in the division of earth according to the mechanical way. It is followed by asthenosphere, mesospheric mantle, and outer core. It ends at the inner core.

Facts about Earth’s Interior 6: the depth of crust

The outermost layer of earth is the crust, which has the depth of 3.1 to 43.5 miles or 5 to 70 km. Get facts about Earth’s Crust here.

Earth's Interior

Earth’s Interior

Facts about Earth’s Interior 7: the major types of crust

The crust is divided in two major types. They are the continental and oceanic crusts. The latter one is thin, while the former one is thick.

Facts about Earth’s Interior 8: the thickest layer

The thickest layer on earth is located at the mantle for it has the depth of 2,890 kilometer.

Facts about Earth's Interior

Facts about Earth’s Interior

Facts about Earth’s Interior 9: the division of earth’s mantle

The earth’s mantle is composed of two parts. They are the lower and upper mantle.

Facts about Earth’s Interior 10: the transition zone

The transition zone is located between the lower and upper mantle.

Earth's Interior Image

Earth’s Interior Image


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