10 Facts about Earthworms

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The worm, which can be found mostly on the soil, is discussed on Facts about Earthworms. It is included in the phylum Annelida. The dead and live organic matter is the primary food for earthworms. The skin is functioned for the respiration process. The length of earthworm’s body features the digestive system. The nervous system is divided into two. Both are the peripheral and central nervous system. The blood circulatory system of earthworms is closed and simple.

Facts about Earthworms 1: the central nervous system

The upper part of the mouth features two ganglia included in the central nervous system of earthworms. The area around the mouth features many chemoreceptors.

Facts about Earthworms 2: the movement

Earthworms are capable of moving due to the presence of longitudinal and circumferential muscles.

Facts about Earthworm

Facts about Earthworm

Facts about Earthworms 3: the body structure

Earthworms can retain the body structure due to the presence of coelom chambers filled with fluid even though they do not have exoskeleton and internal skeleton.

Facts about Earthworms 4: the reproduction

Do you know that the male and female sex organs are found in all individuals of earthworms?  That’s why earthworms are included as hermaphrodites.



Facts about Earthworms 5: the environment

The environmental condition affects the number of earthworm’s population. If the environment is disturbed, it is lack of earthworms. The environment with proximity to water source features more earthworms.

Facts about Earthworms 6: the size of adult earthworms

Adult earthworms have the width from 0.039 inch or 1 mm to 0.98 inch to 25 mm. The length of earthworms is around 0.39 inch or 10 mm to 9.8 feet or 3 meter. The length of Lumbricus terrestris can reach 14 inches or 360 mm. Check facts about dwarf hamster here.

Earthworm Mating

Earthworm Mating

Facts about Earthworms 7: the segments

The primary characteristic found in earthworm is the presence of body segment. The body comes in cylindrical tube shape. The lateral setae or bristle-like hairs are found on each body segment.

Facts about Earthworms 8: the number of lateral setae

Each segment of earthworm’s body may have around four to eight pairs of lateral setae.  The penetration during the mating process is conducted via the special ventral setae. Get facts about dust mites here.

Earthworm Facts

Earthworm Facts

Facts about Earthworms 9: the first body segment

The prostonium, overhanging mouth and mouth are found at the first body segment.

Facts about Earthworms 10: the last segment

The anus is found at the last body segment of earthworm.

Facts about Earthworms

Facts about Earthworms

Are you well informed after reading facts about earthworms?

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