10 Facts about East Anglia

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Facts about East Anglia talk about the region located in East of England. Suffolk, Norfolk, and Cambridgeshire are included in East Anglia according to the legal NUTS 2 statistics unit definition. The City of Peterborough is also included even though it serves as unitary authority. The term East Anglia is taken from East Angles. It was an Anglo-Saxon kingdom with the origin traced back in Angeln, northern Germany. Let us find out other interesting facts about East Anglia below:

Facts about East Anglia 1: East Anglia Kingdom

East Anglia Kingdom was founded in the sixth century. The present-day area includes Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk.

Facts about East Anglia 2: the Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia

Since 1976, the Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia has been established by the three counties of East Anglia.

East Anglia Culture

East Anglia Culture

Facts about East Anglia 3: Essex

The London Society of East Anglia sometimes includes Essex as a part of East Anglia. However, some people believe that Essex is Saxons, not Angles. Thus, it should not be included as a part of East Anglia. Get facts about Cumbria here.

Facts about East Anglia 4: East Anglia province

East Anglia province had been proposed in the past, which included the Norfolk, Suffolk, and Cambridgeshire, parts of Northamptonshire, southern Lincolnshire and northern Essex.

Facts about East Anglia

Facts about East Anglia

Facts about East Anglia 5: climate

East Anglia has the mild and dry climate in general. In the summer season, it has the average temperature of 12 to 22 degrees Celsius. In the winter, it has the temperature of 1 to 10 degrees Celsius.

Facts about East Anglia 6: the driest area in UK

Do you know that the driest area in United Kingdom is located in East Anglia? The field and heath fires are prevalent during the summer season. The fenland and broadland landscapes in East Anglia relay on the water. The precipitation level is less than 700 mm annually.

East Anglia Map

East Anglia Map

Facts about East Anglia 7: transportation

The primary transportation in East Anglia is focused on rail and road network. East Anglia is connected to the rest of United Kingdom from the A12 and A47 Main A Roads. If you want to reach Port of Felixstowe from Midlands, you can take A14. Look at facts about Donegal here.

Facts about East Anglia 8: cycling

The ideal place for cycling in United Kingdom is located in East Anglia. Almost 25 percent of the residents commute with bikes.

East Anglia Flag

East Anglia Flag

Facts about East Anglia 9: University of Cambridge

East Anglia is the home for the prominent University of Cambridge.

Facts about East Anglia 10: other educational institutions

Other educational institutions in East Anglia are Norwich University of the Arts, University of East Anglia and University Campus Suffolk.

East Anglia Facts

East Anglia Facts

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