10 Facts about East Asia

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Facts about East Asia will elaborate the information about the eastern sub region located in Asia. Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, and Mongolia are included in East Asia according to the geopolitics and geography. East Asia spans on the area of 4,600,000 square miles or 12,000,000 km square. It covers 28 percent of Asian continent. It is a home for at least 1.5 billion residents. Western China and Mongolia only have sparse population. The lowest population is spotted in Mongolia. Let us check other interesting facts about East Asia below:

Facts about East Asia 1: the history

Chinese people had influenced the rest of East Asia. The Chinese culture had been spotted in many societies of East Asia. There is no need to wonder that Classical Chinese scripts are found in other places in East Asia other than China.

Facts about East Asia 2: the major religions

The primary religions found in East Asia are Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. Korean shamanism is mostly found in Korea. The people in Japan embrace Shinto. In Taiwan and China, people also embrace the Chinese folk religion.



Facts about East Asia 3: Shamanism

It is prevalent to spot the Mongolians and native people in northern East Asia embracing Shamanism. Get facts about Eastern Africa here.

Facts about East Asia 4: the Chinese calendar

The calendars found in most East Asian countries were derived from the Chinese calendars.

East Asia Facts

East Asia Facts

Facts about East Asia 5: the domination

The military, exploration, trade and culture in East Asia has been dominated by the presence of Chinese dynasties for a very long period.

Facts about East Asia 6: tributes

The relationship between Chinese dynasties was spotted with other kingdoms in Japan and Korea. The latter two ones sent tributes to the Chinese dynasties.

East Asia Pictures

East Asia Pictures

Facts about East Asia 7: the western world

The power of China was declined due to the rise of western world. Japan proclaimed into a nation state.

Facts about East Asia 8: Japanese control

The Japanese controlled Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, eastern China and Korea during the Second World War. Korea was independent after Japan was defeated during the war. Find facts about Eastern Europe here.

East Asia Korea

East Asia Korea

Facts about East Asia 9: Taiwan

Taiwan became a part of People’s Republic of China after the Chinese Civil War.

Facts about East Asia 10: economy

China rose prominent in 2014 as the economic superpower in the world. Japan, Taiwan and South Korea moved into the industrialized developed countries with great economy.

East Asia People

East Asia People

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