10 Facts about East India

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Facts about East India will tell the readers about a region located in India. Nicobar Islands, Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha, Andaman and West Bengal are some states in India included in East India. The largest city in East India is Kolkata. It is the capital of West Bengal. The third largest of the country is located in Kolkata Metropolitan Area. The linguistic and cultural characteristics of West Bengal share the relationship with Bangladesh.

Facts about East India 1: Odisha

Odia is the classical language owned by Odisha. This Indian state also has the classical Odissi music and classical dance Odissi.

Facts about East India 2: the most spoken language

The most spoken language is Bengali. It is considered as the second most spoken language in the country.

East India Dance

East India Dance

Facts about East India 3: Kalinga

Kalinga, Utkala and Odra desha were the ancient regions of modern state of Odhisa. Gajapati Dynasty, Eastern Ganga dynasty and Mahameghavahana dynasty had ruled the area during the ancient period.

Facts about East India 4: the educational institutions

The ancient educational institutions in Eastern India included Vikramshila, Puphagiri and Nalanda universities. The latter one was located in Bihar. Check facts about Clive of India here.

East India Dish

East India Dish

Facts about East India 5: Kolkata

Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal. It had served as the British Indian capital until 1911. It earns the status as the center of commerce.

Facts about East India 6: the economy of West Bengal

West Bengal plays an important part in the improvement economy in Eastern India. It has the highest GDP of all states in East India. Do you know that the tallest skylines in the region are housed in West Bengal?

East India

East India

Facts about East India 7: the most populous city

The most populous city in Bihar is Patna. In East India, it is the second most populous city. The center of education, industries and administration in Bihar is located in Patna.  Pataliputra was the ancient name of Patna. The Sikhs consider Patna as a sacred city. Do you know that the birthplace of Guru Gobind, the last Sikh guru was in Patna? Look at facts about Delhi India here.

Facts about East India 8: ancient Patna

Ancient Patna was a home for at least 400,000 people in 300 BCE. It was the capital for Magadha Empire.

East India Pic

East India Pic

Facts about East India 9: Odisha

Odisha is another state in East India. The capital is Bhubaneswar. Puri, Brahmapur, Cuttack, Sambalpur and Rourkela are other vital cities in the state.

Facts about East India 10: flood

Flood often affects many areas during the rainy season. The monsoon from West Bengal brings the flood to other regions.

Facts about East India

Facts about East India

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