10 Facts about Easter

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The famous festival and holiday celebration is explained on Facts about Easter. It is also called as the Resurrection Sunday or Pascha. In the New Testament, Easter is defined as the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Circa 30 AD, the Romans crucified Jesus. The resurrection took place three days after his burial. Great Lent or Lent is conducted before the Passion of Jesus, which serves as the culmination. The Lent is filled with penance, prayer and fasting for 40 days. Let us check other interesting facts about Easter below:

Facts about Easter 1: the Holy Week

The Holy Week is defined as the week before the Easter. The Maundy and Last Supper are included in Maundy Thursday. The crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ is commemorated on Good Friday.

Facts about Easter 2: Jewish Passover

Easter and Jewish Passover are often associated because of the symbolism. The meaning of both terms is similar. Find facts about earth Day here.

Easter Whip

Easter Whip

Facts about Easter 3: the Easter custom

In the Christian world, the customs of Easter are varied.  The Easter egg has been used as a symbol of empty tomb.  Clipping the church and exclaiming the paschal greeting are the prevalent customs during Easter. Look at facts about Diamond Jubilee here.

Facts about Easter 4: the Easter lily

The symbol of resurrection is the Easter lily. The flower will be used to decorate the Eastertide and chancel area of churches.

Easter Fire

Easter Fire

Facts about Easter 5:  the interesting customs

The attractive customs conducted during Easter include the Easter parades, Easter bunny and egg hunting. The foods served during the Easter celebration is varied according to the regions.

Facts about Easter 6: a public holiday

Easter is considered as a public holiday in countries where the state religion is Christianity.

Easter Facts

Easter Facts

Facts about Easter 7: the day of Easter

Sunday is considered as the common day for celebrating Easter.  The public holiday of Eastern Monday is also recognized in some countries in the world.

Facts about Easter 8:  during the Easter Sunday

During the Easter Sunday, the restaurants, shopping malls and retails stores are closed.

Easter Customs

Easter Customs

Facts about Easter 9: Good Friday

In many countries in the world and 12 states in US, Good Friday is considered as a public holiday too. It takes place two days before Easter Sunday.

Facts about Easter 10: Norwegians

During the Easter celebration, 6 out of 10 Norwegians spend their time in a countryside cottage according to a poll in 2014. Skiing was the favorite activity of 3 out of 10 people.

Facts about Easter

Facts about Easter

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