10 Facts about Easter in Italy

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Facts about Easter in Italy talk about the celebration, which takes place in Italy. It is used to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the death.  The Italian people celebrate it as their national holiday.  It is a festive celebration in Italy for all people will gather and celebrate the moment. You will spot festivities, processions, and parades on Easter Day in Italy. There will be statues of Jesus Christ along the parades. Let us check other interesting facts about Easter in Italy below:

Facts about Easter in Italy 1: the term in Italy

The Italian people call the Easter Day as Pasqua. The cities and towns will be participated in the celebration.

Facts about Easter in Italy 2: the participation

All people participate during the parades on Easter Day. A large crowd of people will take the statues of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary along the street. Find out facts about Easter in Germany here.

Easter in Italy Pic

Easter in Italy Pic

Facts about Easter in Italy 3: the Easter meals

It is not easy to define the types of Easter meals served on the table for Italian household. However, the lamb, Easter pie and eggs are prevalent.

Facts about Easter in Italy 4: the public holiday

In Italy, Easter is a public holiday. It is always celebrated on Sunday. That is why it is often called as Easter Sunday.

Facts about Easter in Italy

Facts about Easter in Italy

Facts about Easter in Italy 5:  closing

Since Easter is a public holiday in Italy, the post offices, banks, government offices, education institutions and schools are closed.

Facts about Easter in Italy 6: transportation

If you are travelers who come to Italy during the public holiday, it is better for you to check the local transport authorities.  The rail services, buses and taxis are some available options for transport.

Easter in Italy Parade

Easter in Italy Parade

Facts about Easter in Italy 7: the roots of Easter celebration

The origin of Easter celebration was traced back during the paganism.

Facts about Easter in Italy 8: the name of the celebration

Easter is a popular celebration in the world. It is celebrated in Italy, UK, France, US and many parts of the world. It is believed that the name Easter is taken from the goddess of rebirth, Eostara.

Easter in Italy

Easter in Italy

Facts about Easter in Italy 9: the Easter egg

The symbol of life, renewal and fertility is spotted on the Easter eggs. Look at facts about Easter in France here.

Facts about Easter in Italy 10: the tradition

During the Easter Sunday, the crowds of tourists are on the city center. Most Italians will spend their time to reach the countryside areas.

Easter in Italy Facts

Easter in Italy Facts

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