10 Facts about Easter Island

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Facts about Easter Island inform us with a Chilean island in Spanish. It is called Isla de Pascua. Within the Polynesian Triangle, it is located at the southeasternmost point. The early Rapa Nui people had created 887 extant monumental statues in Easter Island. They are called moai. Rapa Nui National Park is established to protect many areas of island. The World Heritage Statue was given by UNESCO to Eastern Island in 1995.

Facts about Easter Island 1: the settlement

In 700 to 1100 CE, Easter Island was inhabited by Polynesian people. The evidence related to their settlement is spotted from the artifacts and stone moai of the island.

Facts about Easter Island 2: the decline of Rapa Nui civilization

The Rapa Nui civilization was declined due to the overpopulation and introduction of Polynesian rat. The natural resources were extinct, while deforestation was thrived.

Easter Island

Easter Island

Facts about Easter Island 3: the population

Easter Island had been a home for 2,000 to 3,000 people by the time Europeans came to the island in 1722. In the previous century, Easter Island was occupied by 15,000 people. It faced a significant decline on the population.

Facts about Easter Island 4: the low population

By 1877, Easter Island was only occupied by 111 Rapa Nui people due to the Peruvian slave raiding and introduction of European diseases in 1860s. Look at facts about Cumberland Island here.

Facts about Easter Island

Facts about Easter Island

Facts about Easter Island 5: the remote location

The location of Easter Island is remote. Pitcairn Island is considered as the nearest one. Both are 1,289 miles or 2,075 km apart.

Facts about Easter Island 6: Chile

In 1888, Easter Island was annexed by Chile. The island earns the status as the special territory. The island is a home for 5,800 people according to the census in 2012. The descendant of aboriginal Rapa Nui accounts for 60 percent of them.

Easter Island History

Easter Island History

Facts about Easter Island 7: climate

If you come to the island, you will enjoy the tropical rainforest climate. The highest temperature is recorded in February. In July and August, it has the lowest temperature.

Facts about Easter Island 8: the Polynesian rat

The disappearance of Rapanui palm was probably caused by the introduction of Polynesian rat. The teeth mark from rats is found on 10 percent of palm nuts. Check facts about Crete here.

Easter Island Beach

Easter Island Beach

Facts about Easter Island 9: the myths

Some myths in Easter Island included the belief about the important god, Makemake. Until 1860s, the native practiced the birdman cult called Tangata manu.

Facts about Easter Island 10: the Stone Age culture

The Stone Age culture of Rapa Nui people was seen from the extensive usage of local stone to create enormous statue. They used obsidian, tuff, red scoria, and basalt.

Easter Island Facts

Easter Island Facts

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