10 Facts about Easter Rising

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The below Facts about Easter Rising will tell the readers about the Easter Rebellion which took place in April 1916 during the Easter Week. It was an armed insurrection occurred in Ireland. In Irish, the rebellion is called Éirí Amach na Cásca.  The Irish republicans launched the Easter Rising to put the British rule into an end. While UK was involved in the World War One, the Irish decided to create an independent Irish republic. Let us check other useful historical facts about Easter Rising below:

Facts about Easter Rising 1: the important status

Easter Rising earned an important status for it marked the first armed insurrection conducted by the Irish.

Facts about Easter Rising 2: the period of Easter Rising

On 24th April 1916, Easter Rising took place. The Military Council of Irish Republican Brotherhood organized this armed action, which lasted for 6 days.

Easter Rising Dublin

Easter Rising Dublin

Facts about Easter Rising 3: Patrick Pearse

Patrick Pearse was the leader of the Irish volunteers who took part in the rebellion. He was an Irish language activist.

Facts about Easter Rising 4: other important figures

The rebellion is also supported by 200 women from Cumann na mBan and Irish Citizen Army of James Connolly. Dublin was captured where they had the Irish Republic proclamation. Find facts about Dunkirk Evacuation here.

Easter Rising

Easter Rising

Facts about Easter Rising 5: the response from British

Easter Rising was responded by the British Army. They sent a gunboard, artillery and thousands of forces.

Facts about Easter Rising 6: the street fighting

Both sides were engaged in a fierce street fighting when the British forces were on the route to reach the city center. It was hard for the British to move fast due to the strong resistance from the Irish. The heavy casualties were unavoidable.

Facts about Easter Rising

Facts about Easter Rising

Facts about Easter Rising 7: the fighting style

The long-range gun and spinning battles took place in other areas in Ireland. The artillery of British was used to bombard the rebels. Look at facts about Dust Bowl here.

Facts about Easter Rising 8: the end of the Easter Rising

Easter Rising was suppressed by the British Army with their heavy weapons and high number of forces.

Easter Rising Pic

Easter Rising Pic

Facts about Easter Rising 9: surrender

On 29th April, there was an agreement to surrender by Pearse. Ireland was under the martial law after the surrender.

Facts about Easter Rising 10: the prisoners

The British captured around 3,500 Irish as their prisoners. Most of them had nothing to do with the rebellion. After the courts-martial are conducted, the leaders were executed.

Easter Rising Facts

Easter Rising Facts

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