10 Facts about Eastern Europe

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Facts about Eastern Europe tell the readers about the eastern part of Europe. People also call it as East Europe. It is hard to define the exact region covered by Eastern Europe for the absence of its consensus. The definition of Eastern Europe is affected by the socioeconomic, cultural, geographical and geopolitical factors. One definition of Eastern Europe is seen related the cultural value where it covers the regions influenced by the Turco-Islamic, Orthodox and Byzantine values.  Find out other interesting facts about Eastern Europe below:

Facts about Eastern Europe 1: the land border

The eastern edge of Europe is bordered by some notable geographical features like Caucasus Mountains, Ural River and Ural Mountains.

Facts about Eastern Europe 2: religions

Eastern Orthodox Religion is often associated with Eastern Europe. The Roman Catholic and Protestant churches are used to divide Europe since the Great Schism of 1054.

Facts about Eastern Europe

Facts about Eastern Europe

Facts about Eastern Europe 3: the Baltic States

The Baltic States are included in Eastern Europe by the CIA World Factbook & UNESCO. On the other hand, they are included in Northern Europe by STW Thesaurus for Economics.

Facts about Eastern Europe 4: alliance

The alliance formed by eastern European countries is called the Visegrád Group. Check facts about deltas here.



Facts about Eastern Europe 5: The Caucasus nations

Other nations included in Eastern Europe are the Caucasus Nations like Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. The territory of Georgia is located in Asia and Eastern Europe. Armenia is often linked with Eastern Europe due to the Christian faith even though it sits at the boundaries of Europe.

Facts about Eastern Europe 6: other nations

Other nations thought to be parts of Eastern Europe are Kazakhtan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova.

Ural River Eastern Europe

Ural River Eastern Europe

Facts about Eastern Europe 7: Central Europe

The term Central Europe sometimes is overlapped with Eastern Europe. Some countries such as Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia are often labeled as Eastern European countries.

Facts about Eastern Europe 8: The Ural Mountains

The Ural Mountains are considered as the boundaries of Eastern Europe.  They are found from the north to the south of western Russia. Look at facts about Eastern Africa here.

Mount Iremel

Mount Iremel

Facts about Eastern Europe 9: the Russian economy

Ural Mountains are the source of semi-precious stone, coal, precious stones and metal ores.  They contribute to the economy of Russia.

Facts about Eastern Europe 10: Ural River

Ural River also serves as the boundary. This river runs in Russia and Kazakhstan. The flow ends in Caspian Sea.

Kavkasioni Eastern Europe

Kavkasioni Eastern Europe

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