10 Facts about Eastern Woodlands

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Let us check Facts about Eastern Woodlands if you want to know about the life of indigenous people of North America. These people cover the areas located from eastern Great Plains on Atlantic Ocean, Great Lakes region and Gulf of Mexico. It spans on the present day areas of eastern US and Canada. Most of them lived in the forest nearby the coastal or water areas. Most of them were hunters.

Facts about Eastern Woodlands 1: the winter season

The people in Eastern Woodlands would hunt small animals and larger game when the lake was frozen in winter.

Facts about Eastern Woodlands 2: the summer season

The indigenous people in Eastern Woodlands would gather their food from fishing during the summer season since the lake was not frozen anymore.

Eastern Woodland Culture

Eastern Woodland Culture

Facts about Eastern Woodlands 3: moving

It was common for the eastern woodlanders to move to follow their hunted animals during the winter and fall seasons. They had snowshoes for traveling during the snowy season.

Facts about Eastern Woodlands 4: the hunted animals

The animals hunted by the indigenous people in eastern woodlanders included the white-tailed deer, squirrel, raccoon, bear, seal, whale, caribou, beaver and moose. Look at facts about different culture here.

Eastern Woodland Life

Eastern Woodland Life

Facts about Eastern Woodlands 5: clothes and houses

The clothes and houses were made of the skin of white tailed deer. They also hunt the animals for meat.

Facts about Eastern Woodlands 6: the coastal people

The eastern woodlanders who lived the coastal areas were capable for hunting whales and seals.

Facts about Eastern Woodland

Facts about Eastern Woodland

Facts about Eastern Woodlands 7: the responsibility of men and women

The men have the responsibility to hunt and gather food. On the other hand, the women had the responsibility to gather food like nuts and wild berries and did farming. The women who lived nearby Great Lakes region also harvested maple sap to generate maple sugar in spring season and wild rice in fall season.

Facts about Eastern Woodlands 8: tools

Most tools for hunting were created from bark or wood. The deadfalls, snares and traps were used to hunt the smaller animals. The lances, bows and arrows were used to hunt larger animals. The eastern woodlanders would use nets, leisters, weirs and hooks for fishing. Get facts about dream catcher here.

Eastern Woodland

Eastern Woodland

Facts about Eastern Woodlands 9: the containers

The bark and wood from birch trees would be used to create containers for cooking.

Facts about Eastern Woodlands 10: houses

The most popular houses for the families in eastern woodlands were in the forms of longhouses and wigwam.

Eastern Woodland Facts

Eastern Woodland Facts

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