10 Facts about Eating Breakfast

Tuesday, April 4th 2017. | Culinary

Breakfast is very important to start the day. Some people skip breakfast for they are on a diet.  Breakfast is often defined as the first meal of the day. Before people go to school or work at the office, they will eat breakfast in the early morning. The traditional breakfast menu includes porridge, eggs and sausage. Why don’t you check the complete facts about eating breakfast below?

Facts about Eating Breakfast 1: breakfast foods

The breakfast foods served on the table depend on the regions and culture. The foods, which contain high amount of carbohydrate, are always the favorite ones to give the people more energy to start the day.

Facts about Eating Breakfast 2: the popular breakfast foods

The vegetables, fruit, cereals, grains, fish, meat, and eggs are the most popular breakfast foods.

Eating Breakfast Facts

Eating Breakfast Facts

Facts about Eating Breakfast 3: the beverage

What are the popular beverages for breakfast? Fruit juice, milk, coffee and tea are often served during breakfast.

Facts about Eating Breakfast 4: western breakfast foods

The western breakfast foods include waffles, breakfast cereals, sausages, bacon, French toast, tea, milk, juice, coffee, eggs, muffins, fresh fruit, breads, and baked beans. The toast is also served with marmalade, jam, margarine or butter.

Eating Breakfast Pic

Eating Breakfast Pic

Facts about Eating Breakfast 5: the importance of breakfast

Breakfast is important for kids. It enables them to stay active during the day.

Facts about Eating Breakfast 6: the health benefits

Eating breakfast is believed to have decreased the risk of cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorder according to the number of epidemiological researches.

Eating Breakfast

Eating Breakfast

Facts about Eating Breakfast 7: the traditional Mexican breakfast

The popular traditional breakfast foods of Mexican people include chilaquiles and entomatadas. Look at facts about diet coke here.

Facts about Eating Breakfast 8: breakfast in US and Canada

Canada and United States share the similar taste and tradition for breakfast. Biscuits, waffles and pancakes are included as the quick breads to serve on the busy morning. Others include breakfast meats, eggs and cereals. Children will like to drink milk. Adults prefer to drink coffee. People of all ages also like to consume fresh fruit juices like tomato juice and orange juice. The report finds out that 65 percent of US people drink coffee for breakfast.

Facts about Eating Breakfast

Facts about Eating Breakfast

Facts about Eating Breakfast 9: milk

Milk is also popular among adults. Strawberry and chocolate are the favorite flavorings of milk. The American people will start breakfast at 8:12 am.

Facts about Eating Breakfast 10: bagel

Bagel is popular in many regions of United States. They will top the bagel with spices, poppy, sesame or seeds.

Eating Breakfast Image

Eating Breakfast Image

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