10 Facts about Eating Bugs

Wednesday, April 5th 2017. | Culinary

If you want to know the human consumption of insects, check Facts about Eating Bugs. The scientific name of this habit is called Entomophagy. The practice was traced back since the prehistoric era where people consumed adults, larvae, eggs and pupae of some insects. The culture of eating bugs is spotted in various parts of world like in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Africa, South America, Central America and North America.

Facts about Eating Bugs 1: species

80 percent of the nations in the world eat more than 1,000 insects for human consumption.

Facts about Eating Bugs 2: the ethnic groups

Almost 3,000 ethnic groups in the world have been recorded consuming insects for foods. However, some societies in the world consider it as a taboo practice.

Eating Bugs Facts

Eating Bugs Facts

Facts about Eating Bugs 3: developed countries

The practice of eating bugs in developed countries is rare. It is still common in developing countries like in Oceania, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Facts about Eating Bugs 4: the western diets

The western diets do not contain any insects. However, a number of companies try to introduce some insects in their diet. Check facts about doritos here.

Eating Bugs Larva

Eating Bugs Larva

Facts about Eating Bugs 5: FAO

There are 1900 edible insect species, which have been enlisted by FOA. There was a report, which stated that almost 2 billion of insects consumed by the people in 2005.

Facts about Eating Bugs 6: the importance of insects

Today, insects are not the primary parts of diets. However, it was vital during the prehistoric era before human being farmed and hunted. The caves located in Mexico and United Stated provided the evidences related to the importance of insects as a part of diet.

Eating Bugs

Eating Bugs

Facts about Eating Bugs 7: the consumption of pupae

The pupae of wild silkworms were suggested to consume in China dated back in 2,000 to 2,500 due to their cocoons discovery in Shanxi Province, China. Find facts about dragonfruit here.

Facts about Eating Bugs 8: the categories of eating bugs

Eating bugs are divided in two major categories. The humans consume the insects as condiments or as nutritional sources.

Facts about Eating Bugs

Facts about Eating Bugs

Facts about Eating Bugs 9: the types of insects

The types of insects eaten by people include 239 grasshoppers, 313 ants, 344 beetles, 235 butterflies and moth, 39 termites, crickets, bees, cockroaches, wasps, and dragonflies.

Facts about Eating Bugs 10: Atta laevigata

Atta laevigatai is a leafcutter ant.  This insect is a popular food for the people who live in some parts of northeast Brazil and Colombia.

Eating Bugs Pic

Eating Bugs Pic

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