10 Facts about Eating Healthy

Friday, April 7th 2017. | Health

Facts about Eating Healthy will give you ideas and tips on how to maintain health with the perfect diet. The human nutrition should be accommodated when you consume food every single day. The people in the world have different diet practice. The staple food for Chinese and Japanese people is very different with the western people.  The whole foods, organic foods and natural foods are always badged as the healthy foods in the market. Let us check other useful facts about eating healthy below:

Facts about Eating Healthy 1: where to find the healthy foods

The healthy foods are found not only in the traditional markets, but also in supermarkets in town.  Pick the organic ones.

Facts about Eating Healthy 2: FDA

FDA, which stands for Food and Drug Administration, regulates the nutritional facts labels on various foods in United States. Federal Trade Commission has the responsibility to regulate the ads about the products.

Eating Healthy Pictures

Eating Healthy Pictures

Facts about Eating Healthy 3: health claims

The health claims on the labels of a certain product is associated with the decreased risk of a health related condition and disease.

Facts about Eating Healthy 4: the definition of healthy foods

When you want to eat healthy, make sure that you consume the healthy foods. FDA states that the products, which contain high level of fat, salt and sugar, should not be claimed as healthy foods. Get facts about drinking alcohol here.

Eating Healthy

Facts about Eating Healthy 5: the types of healthy food products

Some products claimed to be healthy foods include broccoli sprouts, apple cider vinegar, herbal extracts, digestive biscuits, honey, herbal teas, malt, fish oil, olive oil, grape nuts and yogurt.

Facts about Eating Healthy 6: vegetables and fruit

If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, do not forget to include vegetables and fruits on your diet for the daily basis. The best fruits include apple, banana and pear.

facts about Eating Healthy

facts about Eating Healthy

Facts about Eating Healthy 7: the importance of healthy diet

Healthy diet is very important to maintain the body’s overall health. The body will need essential nutrients such as calories, minerals, vitamins, fatty acid, amino acids and fluid. Look at facts about eating disorder here.

Facts about Eating Healthy 8: health risks

The health risks such as diabetes type 2, obesity, hypertension, and cancer can be reduced with the healthy diet and exercise.

Eating Healthy Facts

Eating Healthy Facts

Facts about Eating Healthy 9: promote health

The healthy lifestyle has been promoted by the government and non-government organizations.

Facts about Eating Healthy 10: the type of diet

There are various types of diets.  The low sodium diet is suitable for people with high blood pressure problem.

Eating Healthy Pic

Eating Healthy Pic

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