10 Facts about Ebay

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Get Facts about Ebay by reading the below post.   The base of this e-commerce company is situated in San Jose, California.  It is a multinational corporation, which facilitates the business-to-consumer sales and consumer-to-consumer sales online. Make sure that your cell phone or computer is connected to the internet to access eBay. In 1995, Pierre Omidyar founded eBay. It has been operated in at least 30 countries in the world. Thus, the business of eBay is valued multibillion dollars. Here is other interesting information about eBay”

Facts about Ebay 1:eBay.com

Have you accessed eBay.com before? You can find many types of services and goods from many parts of the world. You can buy or sell the products in this online auction and shopping web. Get facts about databases here.

Facts about Ebay 2: expansion

The features of eBay are not monotonous. Over the years, the corporation has more features on eBay such as shopping by UPC, “Buy It Now” shopping, online event ticket trading and many more.

EBay Facts

EBay Facts

Facts about Ebay 3: money transfers

If you are interested to have online money transfers, you can access eBay via PayPal. In 2002 until 2015, PayPal was the subsidiary of eBay.

Facts about Ebay 4: buyers and sellers

Buyers and sellers have different responsibilities as members of eBay. If you are a seller, you need to pay fee when listing the products on eBay.  If the product is sold, the sellers have to pay more fees.  However, the buyers are not charged with any free. Look at facts about Deep Web here.

EBay Logo

EBay Logo

Facts about EBay 5: the first president of eBay

The first president of eBay was Jeffrey Skoll. He got the post in the beginning of 1996.

Facts about Ebay 6: the licensing deal with the third party

Electronic Travel Auction was the third party, which had licensing deal with eBay in November 1996. The company is focused on selling the travel products and plane tickets by using SmartMarket Technology.

EBay Pictures

EBay Pictures

Facts about Ebay 7: the growth and popularity

The website was popular. It grew rapidly. In 1996, it only hosted 250,000 auctions.   It hosted 2,000,000 auctions in January 1997.

Facts about Ebay 8: changing the name

When the company was established, it was called AuctionWeb. In September 1997, the name was changed into eBay.

EBay Founder

EBay Founder

Facts about Ebay 9: funding

Benchmark Capital was a venture capital firm who provided the funding for eBay in 1997.

Facts about Ebay 10: the president and CEO

In March 1998, the president and CEO of eBay was at the hand of Meg Whitman.

Facts about EBay

Facts about EBay

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