10 Facts about Echidnas

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We will give you the information about the spiny anteaters on Facts about Echidnas. This animal is unique for this mammal lay eggs. You can find the animals in New Guinea and Australia. The primary foods for echidnas are termites and ants. Talking about its history, echidnas were adapted to live on the land despite the aquatic ancestors. The animals have unique shape due to the presence of spines and coarse hair. The solitary mammals have medium sized body. Here are other interesting facts about echidnas:

Facts about Echidnas 1: the unique features

If you spot echidnas, they will remind you with porcupines and hedgehogs.  All of them are spiny mammals.

Facts about Echidnas 2: the body color

The body color of echidnas is usually brown or black. The albino echidnas are available too. The spines have white color, while the eyes are pink.

Echidna Facts

Echidna Facts

Facts about Echidnas 3: the snouts

The snouts of echidnas are mostly used for nose and mouth functions. Electrosensors are also available in the body of echidnas. They have the long bill, which contains 2,000 electrosensors. Find facts about eastern box turtles here.

Facts about Echidnas 4: the characteristics of echidnas

Echidnas are amazing diggers. They have large claws, strong limbs and short stature. The mouth is very small. The jaws are toothless.



Facts about Echidnas 5: the diet

The primary diet of echidnas is termites and ants. Insect larvae and worms are the main diet for long beaked echidnas or Zaglossus.

Facts about Echidnas 6: the tongue

Echidnas are capable to capture the prey due to the tiny and sharp spines located on the tongues.

Echidna Skeleton

Echidna Skeleton

Facts about Echidnas 7: the extreme temperature

The harsh weather condition and extreme temperature make echidnas weak. To stay away from the bad condition, echidnas will stay near the rock crevices and caves.

Facts about Echidnas 8: the habitat

Echidnas can be found living in piles of debris, roots, under vegetation, woodlands, and forests. The weight of males reaches 6 kg. The female has the weight of 4.5 kg.

Facts about Echidna

Facts about Echidna

Facts about Echidnas 9: swimming ability

Echidnas have impressive swimming ability. They will spend some time under the water to bathe and groom. Look at facts about duet mites here.

Facts about Echidnas 10: life span

Echidnas have the life span around 16 years when they live in the wild.

Echidna Pic

Echidna Pic

Are you impressed after reading facts about echidnas?

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