10 Facts about Echo

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Let us talk about science by reading Facts about Echo. It is considered as a reflection of sound produced by an animal or human being. Echo will be produced when you make sound inside an empty closed room. The term echo is taken from a Greek word. The meaning is sound. There was a folk story related to echo in Greek mythology.  The echo was depicted as a cursed mountain nymph.

Facts about Echo 1: the function

Echo is beneficial for human beings and animals. The bats, whales and dolphins are capable to navigate in the dark by using echo to sense the location. The blind people have improved navigation and mobility by learning echo.

Facts about Echo 2: acoustic wave

The reflection of sound on the hard surface or walls will lead into the production of acoustic waves. Get facts about constant velocity here.

Echo Katoomba

Echo Katoomba

Facts about Echo 3: reverberation

The term reverberation is used to define the echo reflected in many times from many surfaces.

Facts about Echo 4: the delay

If the delay is less than one-fifteenth of a second, the echo is hard to differentiate by the human ears from the original sound.

Facts about Echo

Facts about Echo

Facts about Echo 5: the reflecting object

If you want the person to hear the echo, the reflecting object should be more than 17.2 meters from the sound source. This measurement is based on temperature and velocity of sound in dry air. The reflecting object is located 343 meters away if the echo is produced by a sound in two seconds.

Facts about Echo 6:  the natural settings

If you want to hear echo, you can go to the natural settings such as rock cliffs and canyon walls.

Echo Image

Echo Image

Facts about Echo 7: the strength of echo

The dB sound pressure level is considered as the prevalent measurement of echo strength. If you think that echo is always desirable, you are wrong. In telephone system, it is not desirable. However, it is desirable in sonar.

Facts about Echo 8: the electric echo effects

Since 1950s, the electric echo effects have been employed in recording and music performance. The sound of an acoustic echo was recreated for the first time in 1959 by using a tape delay effect called Echoplex. In 1960s, it became a standard echo effect. Mike Battle was the designer of Echoplex. Check facts about convection here.

Echo Pictures

Echo Pictures

Facts about Echo 9: the occasional bass players

The famous occasional bass player who had used echoplex was Chuck Rainey. Don Ejudvntfhllis also applied this tool. He was a trumpeter.

Facts about Echo 10: the notable echo

The longest echo in the world is produced by the high stone located in Hamilton Mausoleum, Hamilton of Scotland. It took 15 seconds.



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