10 Facts about Echuca

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Facts about Echuca will tell the readers about the administrative center of Shire of Campaspe Local Government Area. The Division of Murray is the representative of Echuca at the federal level. The Electoral district of Murray Plains is the representative for Echuca at the state level. Tourism is considered as the major source of economy for Echuca. The revenue generated from tourism is $250 million annually. Here are other interesting facts about Echuca to notice:

Facts about Echuca 1: the attractive features

The historical features, recreational attractions, Murray River and warm climate of Echuca make the people visit the town yearly.

Facts about Echuca 2: All the Rivers Run

Nancy Cato wrote the notable novel under the title novel All the Rivers Run. Echuca is a subject to talk about in the novel. Since the novel was popular, people are aware with the presence and beauty of Echuca. This novel has been adapted into a TV miniseries.

Echuca Image

Echuca Image

Facts about Echuca 3: Port of Echuca

The largest fleet of operating paddle steamer in the world is housed in Port of Echuca.

Facts about Echuca 4:  agriculture

Agriculture also plays an important part in the economy of Echuca. You will spot cattle, pig, sheep, wheat and dairy farms in Echuca.

facts about Echuca

facts about Echuca

Facts about Echuca 5: PS Adelaide

In 1866, PS Adelaide was built. It earns the status as the oldest operating wooden hulled paddle steamer in the world.  Do not forget to visit the port for it houses the largest paddle steamer collection.

Facts about Echuca 6: the historic vessels

Echuca is also a home to a number of historic vessels. They are PS Adelaide, PS Alexander Arbuthnot, PS Pevensey, PS Emmylou, PV Pride of the Murray, and PS Canberra.



Facts about Echuca 7: the houseboats

The tourists who come to Echuca can rent the houseboats. The paddles steamers can be accessed too since some of them are privately owned.

Facts about Echuca 8: MV Mary Ann

In 1981, MV Mary Ann was constructed. During the busier times, it serves as the cruising restaurant.

Echuca Pic

Echuca Pic

Facts about Echuca 9: the yearly activities

In February, Echuca holds two most prominent events. Both are Riverboats Music Festival and Club Marine Southern 80 water-ski race.

Facts about Echuca 10: the attractive events

In July, you can come to view the Echuca Moama Winter Blues Festival. During the long weekend June, you will spot Steam Rally Echuca. In May, Echuca Moama Weddings Expo is held.

Echuca Map

Echuca Map

Are you impressed after reading facts about Echuca?

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