10 Facts about Eco Homes

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The green building is explained on Facts about Eco Homes.  This building can be found in United Kingdom. It had higher environmental rating for green material and energy. The eco homes were applicable for the residential and non-residential buildings. In April 2008, Eco Home was replaced with Code for Sustainable homes. It came in a wide array of versions. The people could choose the Pre-2002, 2003, or 2005. The final version offered was the Pre-2006. Check out other interesting facts about ecohomes by reading the following post:

Facts about Eco Homes 1: the final 2006 eco homes

The 2006 eco homes were considered as the final version, which had great improvement. The standard for energy efficiency had been increased.

Facts about Eco Homes 2: the classification

Eco homes will be classified into a number of types according to the weighting system. It can be Excellent, Very Good, Good or Pass.

Eco Home Facts

Eco Home Facts

Facts about Eco Homes 3: 2006 Very Good standard

2006 Very Good standard is considered as the requirement for eco homes funded by English Partnerships or Housing Corporation.  Look at facts about Dubai Mall here.

Facts about Eco Homes 4: criticism

Even though the objective of building eco homes is positive, criticism still arises. Some people criticized   the value of low energy over the entire building performance and the poor balance of many elements in the building.

Eco Homes

Eco Homes

Facts about Eco Homes 5: criticism on early versions

The poor energy efficiency was spotted on the early versions of eco homes. It became the subject of criticism at that time.

Facts about Eco Homes 6: the refurbishment

Eco homes were valuable. When they were not used anymore, the people could refurbish it. You could change it into any building type by having a conversion project.  Find facts about Durham Cathedral here.

Eco Homes Pic

Eco Homes Pic

Facts about Eco Homes 7: EcoHomes for Refurbishment registrations

On July 1st, 2012, EcoHomes for Refurbishment registrations were not employed anymore.  On July 1st, 2014, it was expired.

Facts about Eco Homes 8: green building

The sustainable building or green construction is called as the green building. The demolition, maintenance, operation, renovation, construction and design should be resource efficient and environmentally friendly.

Eco Home

Eco Home

Facts about Eco Homes 9: the balance

The balance is achieved between the environment and homebuilding in green building design. Get facts about Dracula’s Castle here.

Facts about Eco Homes 10: cooperation

Establishing green building is not as easy as you might think for it will require cooperation from client, engineers, architects and design teams.

Facts about Eco Homes

Facts about Eco Homes

Are you well informed after reading facts about eco homes?

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