10 Facts about Ecotourism

Wednesday, April 26th 2017. | Destinations

We will inform you with Facts about Ecotourism. It is a good option for those who want to get closer with the nature. It does not offer the people with mass or commercial tourism. On the other hand, it offers the people with small-scale tourism. It will take the visitors to view and enjoy the undisturbed scenery. It is usually conducted in the pristine and fragile areas. Ecotourism is beneficial for the local people who live around the area.  When the visitors are in the pristine area, they should never disturb its natural state. Check out more interesting facts about ecotourism below:

Facts about Ecotourism 1: the purposes of ecotourism

Ecotourism has many purposes. Besides improving the standard life of the local people, it has the aim to generate donation or fund for conserving the natural area and educate the visitors about nature. It also promotes human rights and respect toward different people and cultures.

Facts about Ecotourism 2: the point of view of the environmentalists

The environmentalists believe that ecotourism has been a critical effort to educate the young generation about the untouched and undisturbed natural areas.

Ecotourism Facts

Ecotourism Facts

Facts about Ecotourism 3: the general definition

The interaction between human being and biotic elements of natural environment is considered as the general definition of ecotourism. Get facts about eco homes here.

Facts about Ecotourism 4:  destination

The destination of ecotourism usually is located on the natural areas with cultural heritage, unique flora and fauna.

Ecotourism Pic

Ecotourism Pic

Facts about Ecotourism 5: the natural habitat

It is hoped that the visitors will be more respectful toward the natural habitat after they follow the ecotourism program.

Facts about Ecotourism 6: the values

It gives the local people more economic opportunities such as by selling the handicrafts for the visitors. Moreover, it also promotes water conservation, energy efficiency and recycling.



Facts about Ecotourism 7: a national economy

In some countries in the world, ecotourism is considered as one of the major sources of economy. The importance of ecotourism can be seen in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Madagascar, Kenya and Nepal. Find facts about ecosystem here.

Facts about Ecotourism 8: the visitors

The visitors who like to enjoy ecotourism usually are from Australia, United States, Canada and Western Europe.

Facts about Ecotourism

Facts about Ecotourism

Facts about Ecotourism 9: the regulation

The regulation related to ecotourism was poorly applied. That is why; the helicopter tours and underwater hotels are called as forms of ecotourism.

Facts about Ecotourism 10: tour guides

Tour guides have important roles in ecotourism. They will provide information to the travelers and promote awareness related to the natural conservation.

Ecotourism Image

Ecotourism Image

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