10 Facts about Ectopic Pregnancy

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You will be informed with tubal pregnancy by reading Facts about Ectopic Pregnancy. This condition occurs when embryo is located outside uterus. The vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain are considered as the two primary symptoms and signs.  The women depict it with crampy, dull or sharp pain. If bleeding takes place in the abdomen, some women reports to have pain on the shoulder. Let us find out other facts about ectopic pregnancy by reading the following post:

Facts about Ectopic Pregnancy 1: the severe level of bleeding

Shock, fainting and fast heart rate are some negative health effects experienced by the women who have severe bleeding. In rare cases, the fetus cannot survive.

Facts about Ectopic Pregnancy 2: the risk factors

If you want to avoid ectopic pregnancy, you have to reduce the risk factors like infertility history, pelvic inflammatory disease, assisted reproductive technology, prior tubal surgery, Chlamydia infection and tobacco smoking.

Ectopic Pregnancy Facts

Ectopic Pregnancy Facts

Facts about Ectopic Pregnancy 3: the women with ectopic pregnancy

The women who have experienced ectopic pregnancy before may have higher risk to experience it again in the next pregnancy. Check facts about eating disorder here.

Facts about Ectopic Pregnancy 4: the fallopian tube

The most prevalent ectopic pregnancy is found in fallopian tube. It occurs on 90 percent of the cases. There is no need to wonder that the term tubal pregnancy is often used synonymously with ectopic pregnancy.  The remaining 10 cases may occur within the abdomen, ovaries or cervix.

Ectopic Pregnancy Pic

Ectopic Pregnancy Pic

Facts about Ectopic Pregnancy 5: detection

The ultrasound and blood tests for hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin will be conducted to detect ectopic pregnancy. The former one will be conducted on the vagina for best detection.

Facts about Ectopic Pregnancy 6: prevention

You need to do regular screening and treatment to prevent Chlamydia infections and other risk factors. That is the only way to prevent ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy

Facts about Ectopic Pregnancy 7: how to treat it

Surgery and medication methotrexate usually are conducted to treat the women with ectopic pregnancy.

Facts about Ectopic Pregnancy 8: the rate

The women who have the assisted reproductive technology have four percent of rate to experience ectopic pregnancy. In the developed world, the rate of this pregnancy condition is 1 to 2 percent. Find facts about eating healthy here.

Facts about Ectopic Pregnancy

Facts about Ectopic Pregnancy

Facts about Ectopic Pregnancy 9: the first known case

Albucasis was the first person who had described ectopic pregnancy in 11th century.

Facts about Ectopic Pregnancy 10: the meaning of ectopic

Have you realized the meaning of ectopic? It is translated as “out of place”.

Ectopic Pregnancy Image

Ectopic Pregnancy Image

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