10 Facts about Ecuador

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A country colonized by Spain in 16th century is elaborated on Facts about Ecuador. The official name is Republic of Ecuador. Galapagos Islands located in the Pacific are included in Ecuador. Once, Amerindian groups settled in Ecuador. In 15th century, they were infused into Inca Empire. In 16th century, Spain controlled the region. In 1820, it earned independence where it was a part of Gran Colombia. In 1830, Ecuador appeared as a sovereign state. Let us get other interesting facts about Ecuador below:

Facts about Ecuador 1: the population

The population of Ecuador has diverse cultures, which reflect the legacy of Incas and Spanish. The minorities in Ecuador are the descendants of Africa, Amerindian and European people. Most of them are mestizos.

Facts about Ecuador 2: the official language

The official language of Ecuador is Spanish. Most people who live in Ecuador speak Spanish. Quichua and Shuar are the two notable Amerindian languages spoken by a number of people here.

Ecuador Facts

Ecuador Facts

Facts about Ecuador 3: the cities

Guayaquil is the largest city in Ecuador. Quito serves as the capital city. In 1978, UNESCO World Heritage Site was awarded for the historical center of Quito. In 1999, the similar honor was given to the third largest city in Ecuador; Cuenca due its impressive Spanish style. Get facts about Denmark here.

Facts about Ecuador 4: economy

Agricultural and petroleum products are the two primary commodities in Ecuador. The country only has medium income.

Facts about Ecuador

Facts about Ecuador

Facts about Ecuador 5: government

Rights of Nature are known as the ecosystem rights. It is recognized in Ecuador as the new constitution in 2008. This country is ruled by a president for it is a democratic presidential republic.

Facts about Ecuador 6: the ecology

The ecology in Ecuador is impressive. Galapagos Islands are parts of Ecuador, which have unique plants and animals.

Ecuador Pictures

Ecuador Pictures

Facts about Ecuador 7: unemployment and poverty

In 1999 until 2010, poverty level in Ecuador had been decreased. Around 40 percent of population lived in poverty according to a report in 2001. The rate was reduced into 17.4 percent in 2011. In 2009, it had the unemployment rate of 8.5 percent due to the economic crisis in the world. Get facts about Dominica here.

Facts about Ecuador 8: agriculture

Cocoa is one of the major agricultural productions in Ecuador. The country also exports flowers and banana.

Ecuador Map

Ecuador Map

Facts about Ecuador 9: timber

Timber is also produced in the nation. The major ones include mangroves and eucalyptus.

Facts about Ecuador 10:  industries

The largest industrial center in Ecuador is located in Guayaquil. Furniture, jewelry, liquor and canned foods are produced by the industries.

Ecuador Image

Ecuador Image

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