10 Facts about Ed Fairburn

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Facts about Ed Fairburn tell us about the famous artist who focuses on the usage of map to create his work. He was born 15th November 1989. The birthplace of Fairburn was located in Southampton, United Kingdom. In 2012, he graduated from Cardiff School of Art and Design. In 2013, Fairburn was shortlisted for the Associations for Illustrators. Let us get the interesting facts about Ed Fairburn by reading the whole post below:

Facts about Ed Fairburn 1: Mike Wright Gallery

Mike Wright Gallery is considered as the representative of Fairburn in United States. Actually, his works are also exhibited in the galleries located in United Kingdom and other major countries in the world.

Facts about Ed Fairburn 2: commission

Fairburn accepts various commissions for the commercial and private use.

Ed Fairburn Art

Ed Fairburn Art

Facts about Ed Fairburn 3: clients

The notable clients of Fairburn include MI6, British Army, New Republic Magazine, Nike and Penguin. Look at facts about Diego Velazquez here.

Facts about Ed Fairburn 4: an international artist

Ed Fairburn is noted as an international artist. After he completed his study in the university in the summer of 2012, he publishes his works in many blogs, journals and art magazines.  The media begin to pay attention on his works in United States and European countries.

Ed Fairburn Work

Ed Fairburn Work

Facts about Ed Fairburn 5: a global attention

A global attention is directed to his works for he tries to limit the gaps of culture, gender and age. His works apply well to broader audiences.

Facts about Ed Fairburn 6: the notable works

The notable works of Fairburn are related to paper maps. He creates detailed work on the canvas, which reminds the people with complicated maps.

facts about Ed Fairburn

facts about Ed Fairburn

Facts about Ed Fairburn 7: the impressive combination

The paper maps of Fairburn try to combine the impressive works of topography and human portrait at the same time. Find facts about Edgar Degas here.

Facts about Ed Fairburn 8: mail art

During his early years, Fairburn enjoyed creating mail art. He applied the postal system to create impressive art. In the later years, he focuses on map art.

Ed Fairburn

Ed Fairburn

Facts about Ed Fairburn 9: the favorite tools

Fairburn likes to use plywood to draw with oil. He likes creating layers on the wood to create beautiful effect.

Facts about Ed Fairburn 10: map

Fairburn states that map is an interesting object to work with because of the unique square inches. He went through a very long creative process when illustrating maps for the first time.

Ed Fairburn Map

Ed Fairburn Map

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