10 Facts about Ed Hardy

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Facts about Ed Hardy present the details about the notable American tattoo artist. He is mostly known as Don Ed Hardy. He has a brand under his name Hardy that earns a great deal of popularity due to the eponymous apparel and accessories.  When he was a child, he grew up in Southern California. The birthplace of Hardy was located in Costa Mesa, California. He was born in 1945. Let us find out other interesting facts about Ed Hardy Below:

Facts about Ed Hardy 1: education

He was educated as a printmaker by studying at San Francisco Art Institute.

Facts about Ed Hardy 2: tattooing

In 1973, he learned about tattooing in Japan through his association when he became a student of Sailor Jerry Collins. His teacher was master Horihide. Check facts about Eddie Van Halen here.

Ed Hardy

Ed Hardy

Facts about Ed Hardy 3: the famous work

Hardy appears as a famous tattoo artist for he is capable to incorporate to Japanese classical tattoo and American styled tattoo.  Look at facts about Ed Gein here.

Facts about Ed Hardy 4: Hardy Marks Publications

Hardy Marks Publications was established by Hardy and his wife in 1982. Tattootime was a series of five books published by the Hardy and his wife under the marquee.

Facts about Ed Hardy

Facts about Ed Hardy

Facts about Ed Hardy 5: other printed works

Hardy also published other printed works. The catalogs of the works of Hardy and Sailor Jerry Collins were also published in other books.

Facts about Ed Hardy 6: commission

Jerry Brown who served as the Mayor of Oakland selected him for the Cultural Arts Commission in the city in 2000.

ed hardy can

ed hardy can

Facts about Ed Hardy 7: retirement

Hardy has retired from his job as a tattoo artist. However, he is still involved in the tattoo field as a mentor from Tattoo City. It is the name of his studio located in San Francisco.

Facts about Ed Hardy 8: other tattoo forms

Even though Hardy is mostly known as a tattoo artist, He had expanded his art forms in painting, drawing and printmaking since 1960s.

ed hardy hat

ed hardy hat

Facts about Ed Hardy 9: the brand of Hardy

The brand of Hardy has been licensed since 2002s.  Many products have been produced under his brand. Line clothing based on Hardy’s art has been produced under Ku USA, Inc. It was licensed by Hardy in the beginning of 2000s.

Facts about Ed Hardy 10: Hardy Life

Hardy Life was established by Hardy and Ku USA. Today the company is known as Hardy Way LLC. Trademarks and brand of Ed Hardy are owned by the company.

ed hardy tattoo

ed hardy tattoo

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