10 Facts about Ed Miliband

Sunday, May 14th 2017. | Politics

Facts about Ed Miliband present the information about the famous British politician. In 2010 until 2015, he became the Leader of the Opposition and Leader of Labour Party. He was born on December 24th, 1969. His full name is Edward Samuel Miliband.  Since 2005, Miliband has taken the position as MP or Member of Parliament for Doncaster North. In 2007 until 2010, he took part in the government of Gordon Brown. Why don’t you look at the details for more information about Ed Miliband?

Facts about Ed Miliband 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of Miliband was located in London. He was educated in Corpus Christi College, Oxford and London School of Economics.

Facts about Ed Miliband 2: the early occupation

Before he became a Labour Party Researcher, Miliband was a TV journalist. He also took an important role in Harvard University as a visiting scholar.

Ed Miliband 2007

Ed Miliband 2007

Facts about Ed Miliband 3: the important post in the cabinet for Gordon Brown

When Gordon Brown served as the prime minister, Miliband took the post as the Chairman of HM Treasury’s Council of Economic Advisers. Check facts about David Cameron here.

Facts about Ed Miliband 4: House of Commons

In 2005, he won an election to serve in the House of Commons. In May 2006, he was appointed by Prime Minister Tony Blair to fill the post as Parliamentary Secretary.

Ed Miliband Image

Ed Miliband Image

Facts about Ed Miliband 5: the post in 2007

Miliband took the position as Minister for Cabinet Office and Chancellor for the Duchy of Lancaster when Brown served as Prime Minister in 2007.

Facts about Ed Miliband 6: the post in 2008-2010

In 2008 until 2010, Miliband had another post. He was appointed as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

Ed Miliband Facts

Ed Miliband Facts

Facts about Ed Miliband 7: as a leader of Labour Party

Brown decided to resign as the leader of Labour Party due to his lost in the general election in 2010. Miliband stepped up as the new leader to replace Brown in 2010.

Facts about Ed Miliband 8: resign as a leader

Miliband decided to resign as leader of the party due to his lost in the general election in 2015. Jeremy Corbyn took over the post. Look at facts about democratic government here.

Ed Miliband Pictures

Ed Miliband Pictures

Facts about Ed Miliband 9: the birthplace

Both of his parents were immigrants. His birthplace was located in London at University College Hospital in Fitzrovia.

Facts about Ed Miliband 10: Margaret Thatcher

Miliband paid tribute on the death of Margaret Thatcher, the former Conservative and Prime Minister when he spoke in the House of Commons.

Facts about Ed Miliband

Facts about Ed Miliband

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