10 Facts about Ed Stafford

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Get the interesting information about an English explorer on Facts about Ed Stafford. He was born on December 26th, 1975. His full name was Edward James Stafford. He is famous in the world as the first person who walks on Amazon River. His brave action is written in the Guinness World Record. Now, he becomes the host for Discovery Channel. Let me show you other impressive facts about Stafford:

Facts about Ed Stafford 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of Stafford was located in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. He grew up in Leicestershire.

Facts about Ed Stafford 2: adopted parents

His adopted parents are Barbara and Jeremy Stafford. Both of them worked in Leicestershire as solicitors.

Ed Stafford Facts

Ed Stafford Facts

Facts about Ed Stafford 3: British Army

In 1998, Stafford became a member of British Army. He was in Devonshire and Dorset Regiments as an infantry officer.

Facts about Ed Stafford 4: leaving the army

In 2002, Stafford decided to leave the British Army with the rank a captain after he completed an operation tour in Northern Ireland in 2000. Get facts about Ed Miliband here.

Ed Stafford PIc

Ed Stafford PIc

Facts about Ed Stafford 5: biological parents

Stafford was curious with his biological parents. He tried to search for them after completing his expedition in Amazon in 2010. Janie, his sister helped to find them.

Facts about Ed Stafford 6: the biological family

Stafford had two brothers from his biological family.

Facts about Ed Stafford 7: education

Stafford had his early education at Uppingham. When he was in Leicestershire, he was a Cub and a Scout, which affected his choice to have an expedition.

Facts about Ed Stafford

Facts about Ed Stafford

Facts about Ed Stafford 8: Amazon River

Stafford earns the record as the first person to walk on the entire Amazon River on August 9, 2010.  His action was broadcasted on Channel 5 during Walking on the Amazon in 2010. The beginning of his expedition on the southern coast of Peru took place on April 2nd, 2008 with Luke Collyer, his friend. Then he was accompanied by Gadiel “Cho” Sánchez Rivera to continue his journey after leaving Peru. Look at facts about Ed Sheeran here.

Facts about Ed Stafford 9: the title

Royal Geographical Society’s Geographical magazine had Stafford as the cover magazine in May 2009. He was called as “Person of the Week” by Diane Sawyer’s ABC News in May 2010 after he had completed two years walking on the expedition since 2008.

Facts about Ed Stafford 10: an award

Stafford earned European Adventurer of the Year in 2010.  The function took place in Stockholm.

Ed Stafford

Ed Stafford

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