10 Facts about Eddie Mabo

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The notable indigenous Australian who had a campaign about the land rights of his Torres Strait Island is explained on Facts about Eddie Mabo. He was born circa June 29th, 1936 and died on January 21st, 1992. The legal doctrine of terra nullius of nobody’s land is overturned by the court due to the case that Mabo brought to the High Court of Australia. Let us get other interesting facts about Mabo below:

Facts about Eddie Mabo 1: the birth name

The birth name of Mabo was Eddie Koiki Sambo. After he was adopted by his uncle Benny Mabo, he altered his name into Eddie Mabo.

Facts about Eddie Mabo 2: the posthumous award

Due to his campaign, he earned the Australian Human Rights Medal in the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Awards in 1992 after his death along with Barbara Hocking, Celuia Mapo Salee, James Rice, Reverend Dave Passi, and Sam Passi. Mabo earned the award due to his long battle to fight for the rights of indigenous people.

eddie mabo Facts

eddie mabo Facts

Facts about Eddie Mabo 3: commemoration

Mabo was voted for 1992 Australian of the Year in 1993.

Facts about Eddie Mabo 4: the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library

His name was also used to call a library in James Cook University on May 21st, 2008. The Eddie Koiki Mabo Library is located Townsville campus library. Look at facts about Australian History here.

eddie mabo pic

eddie mabo pic

Facts about Eddie Mabo 5: documentary

The struggle of Eddie Mabo was also filmed into a documentary. In 1997, the movie was released. Trevor Graham was the director of the movie. It earned Best Documentary from AFI Award.

Facts about Eddie Mabo 6: the official celebration

On 3 June, the people who live in Torres Shire celebrate the Mabo Day. It serves as the official holiday.

eddie mabo

eddie mabo

Facts about Eddie Mabo 7: Tony Abbott

The first prime minister who pays tribute to the grave of Eddie Mabo is Tony Abbott. He did it on August 24, 2015. His 80th birthday was commemorated by Google Doodle in 2016.

Facts about Eddie Mabo 8: the life of Mabo

The life of Mabo inspired a TV drama with the title Mabo. It was broadcasted on June 10, 2012 on ABC or Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Get facts about British Colonization of Australia here.

Facts about Eddie Mabo

Facts about Eddie Mabo

Facts about Eddie Mabo 9: the birthplace

The birthplace of Mabo was located on Murray Island or island of Mer in Torres Strait. It is located between Papua New Guinea and Australian mainland.

Facts about Eddie Mabo 10: personal life

His wife was an Australian South Sea Islander. Her name was Bonita Neehow. Both married in 1959. They had 7 kids and 3 adopted kids.

eddie mabo image

eddie mabo image

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