10 Facts about Eddie Rickenbacker

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Let me show you the interesting information about the American fighter ace in the First World War on Facts about Eddie Rickenbacker. Rickenbacker was born on 8 October 1890 and died on 23 July 1973. His full name was Edward Vernon Rickenbacker. He was the recipient of Medal of Honor. Rickenbacker took the record as the most successful fighter ace in America for he had 26 aerial victories. He was featured in the special World War I edition released by VFW magazine in April 2017 for he was an American who earned most awards for valor. Let us get other interesting facts about Eddie Rickenbacker below:

Facts about Eddie Rickenbacker 1: other occupations

It is very surprising to know that Rickenbacker also had a number of other occupations.  When the government had some military matters, he became their consultant. He was also an automotive designer and racecar driver. In Eastern Air Lines, Rickenbacker obtained the post as the head of the company.  He was always recognized as a pioneer in air transportation.

Facts about Eddie Rickenbacker 2: the birthplace

The birthplace of Rickenbacker was located in Columbus, Ohio. His parents were immigrants who speak Swiss German.

Eddie Rickenbacker Pic

Eddie Rickenbacker Pic

Facts about Eddie Rickenbacker 3: the childhood life

Rickenbacker had developed a great deal of interest in machines since he was a child. He liked to create experiment with them. Get facts about Eddie Mabo here.

Facts about Eddie Rickenbacker 4: the words of his father

His father encouraged Rickenbacker through his words. He said to his son that a machine should have a purpose.

Facts about Eddie Rickenbacker

Facts about Eddie Rickenbacker

Facts about Eddie Rickenbacker 5: the nearly died events

Rickenbacker was engaged in a number of nearly died events.  He had been involved in airplane crashes, botched tonsillectomy or even a run-in in a horse-drawn carriage.

Facts about Eddie Rickenbacker 6:  death of his father

On 26 August 1904, his father died which made him end the schooling at the 7th grade. He was only 13 at that time according to his autobiography. His father died due to accidental cause.

Eddie Rickenbacker Facts

Eddie Rickenbacker Facts

Facts about Eddie Rickenbacker 7: supporting the family

Rickenbacker was still fascinated by the machine even though he had to find a job to support his family after the death of his father.

Facts about Eddie Rickenbacker 8: Columbus Buggy Company

Columbus Buggy Company employed him as a worker. Then he worked in a number of places like Texas, Dallas and Tucson as a salesman. Look at facts about E.B. White here.

Eddie Rickenbacker

Eddie Rickenbacker

Facts about Eddie Rickenbacker 9: an avid golfer

Don’t be surprised to know that Rickenbacker was an avid golfer.

Facts about Eddie Rickenbacker 10: Fast Eddie

Rickenbacker earned the nickname Fast Eddie for his impressive record as a racecar driver before the First World War

Eddie Rickenbacker Clothes

Eddie Rickenbacker Clothes

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