10 Facts about Eddie van Halen

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Let us find out the impressive Dutch-American musician on Facts about Eddie van Halen. His birth name is Edward Lodewijk Van Halen. He is known more as Eddie van Halen as his stage name. He was born on 26th January 1955. Van Halen is also recognized as a producer and songwriter. The rock band van Halen was co-founded by van Halen where he became the occasional keyboardist and lead guitarist. In the history of rock music, he is included in the list of the most influential guitarists. Here are other interesting facts about Eddie van Halen to notice:

Facts about Eddie van Halen 1: Rolling Stone Magazine

In the list of 100 Greatest Guitarists, van Halen was placed at number 8 according to Rolling Stone Magazine in 2011.

Facts about Eddie van Halen 2: Guitar World magazine

In the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time, he took number one in 2012 according to reader’s poll of Guitar World Magazine.

Eddie van Halen 1993

Eddie van Halen 1993

Facts about Eddie van Halen 3: the birthplace

The birthplace of van Halen was located in Nijmegen, Netherlands. His father was a pianist, saxophonist, and clarinetist. His name was Jan van Halen. His father was a Dutch. His mother was Eugenia van Halen. The family of van Halen relocated to Pasadena, California in February 1962.

Facts about Eddie van Halen 4: the middle name

The middle name of Van Halen is Lodewijk. He was named after the Ludwig van Beethoven. Check facts about Duke Ellington here.

Eddie van Halen

Eddie van Halen

Facts about Eddie van Halen 5: playing piano

At the age of six, Eddie started to play children. He and his brother learned classical piano from Stasys Kalvaitis by commuting to San Pedro from Pasadena.

Facts about Eddie van Halen 6: the annual piano competition

Van Halen became the winner a piano competition at Long Beach City College in 1964 until 1967. However, he realized that piano was not challenging for him. Therefore, he began to play drum and Alex played a guitar.

Facts about Eddie van Halen

Facts about Eddie van Halen

Facts about Eddie van Halen 7: the albums

Six albums had been released by van Halen with David Lee Roth as the vocalist. In 1978, Van Halen was released in the market. Other albums included Van Halen II (1979) and Diver Down (1982). The last album with Roth was 1984 (1984). Look at facts about Echosmith here.

Facts about Eddie van Halen 8: personal problem

Eddie and Roth had personal problem. It made Eddie want to leave the band. However, Eddie was persuaded by Alex and Simmons to stay in the band.

Valen Halen

Valen Halen

Facts about Eddie van Halen 9: the keyboard playing

The keyboard playing of Van Halen was stronger in the songs like “Love Walks In” and “Dreams” due to the presence of Sammy Hagar.

Facts about Eddie van Halen 10: the albums of Hagar

Hagar and Van Halen had four albums together.

Van Halen Pic

Van Halen Pic

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