10 Facts about Edgar Atheling

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Facts about Edgar Atheling tell us about the claimant of the throne of England. He was born circa 1057 and died circa 1125. After the death of Edward the Confessor, he claimed for the throne of England in 1066. The English liked him to become a king for Edmund Ironside was his grandfather and he was English. Get interesting facts about Edgar Atheling below:

Facts about Edgar Atheling 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of Edgar was located in Hungary. His father was exiled in the country.

Facts about Edgar Atheling 2: exiled father

During the Viking reign, his father had to leave England and lived in Hungary. He came back to England when Edgar was five years old.

Edgar Atheling Fact

Edgar Atheling Fact

Facts about Edgar Atheling 3: death

Edgar’s father passed away because of mysterious condition after coming back to England.

Facts about Edgar Atheling 4: the nearest living relative

The nearest living relative of Edward the Confessor was Edward the Exile, his nephew. The king promised Edward the Exile the throne of England if he died. Read facts about Duke of Wellington here.

Edgar Atheling Pic

Edgar Atheling Pic

Facts about Edgar Atheling 5: the messengers of the king

The messengers of the king realized that Edward with his son, daughter and wife settled in Hungary in 1057.

Facts about Edgar Atheling 6: return to England

Edgar decided to come back to England with his family. However, he was killed a few days after he arrived in England. At the time of his father’s death, Edgar was only five. He had no soldiers, money or experience to claim the throne after the death of Edward the Confessor.

Edgar Atheling

Edgar Atheling

Facts about Edgar Atheling 7: the role of Edgar

Edgar could not hold the throne of England due to the invasion from Normandy and Norway to claim the throne.

Facts about Edgar Atheling 8: an Etheling

Edgar was not the heir of the throne of England. He was only a price of the royal family or Etheling. The Witan or Witenagemot had the actual choice to decide the king even though the king could make a recommendation. He was not capable to take over the throne due to his young age. Edgar and his family escaped to Scotland in the summer of 1068. Margaret became the wife of King Malcolm III of Scotland. Get facts about Duke William of Normandy here.

Facts about Edgar Atheling

Facts about Edgar Atheling

Facts about Edgar Atheling 9: military campaigns

Edgar participated in a number of military campaigns against William the Conqueror. He died in 1125.

Facts about Edgar Atheling 10: the last member

During his life, Edgar was never crowned as the king of England even though he was proclaimed.  He was the last living male member of Cerdic of Wessex.

Edgar Atheling Facts

Edgar Atheling Facts

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