10 Facts about Edgar Degas

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Get the impressive Facts about Edgar Degas by checking the below article. Degas was known as a famous French artist. He was born on July 19th, 1834 and died on September 27th, 1917. His works were drawings, prints, sculptures and paintings. The primary theme of his works is related to dance. Almost 50 percent of his works depicted the dancers. Degas wanted to be called as a realist instead of the founder of Impressionism.

Facts about Edgar Degas 1: draftsman

Degas was a skillful drafter due to his precise and accurate movement on the images of female nudes, racecourse and dancers.

Facts about Edgar Degas 2: portraits

Degas’ works in the form of portraits were praised by the critics due to the impressive description of human isolation and psychological complexity.

Edgar Degas Facts

Edgar Degas Facts

Facts about Edgar Degas 3: early aspiration

He was interested to become a history painter in his early career so that he decided to follow classic art and academic training.

Facts about Edgar Degas 4: aspiration in 30s

His aspiration changed when he was 30s. He was interested to focus on the contemporary subject from the history painting. Find facts about Aaron Douglas here.

Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas

Facts about Edgar Degas 5: the birthplace

The birthplace of Degas was located in Paris, France. His family was moderately rich. His father was a banker named Augustin De Gas. His mother was a Creole from New Orleans named Celestine Musson De Gas.

Facts about Edgar Degas 6: the death of his mother

When Degas was 13 years old, his mother passed away. During the youth, his life was mostly influenced by his father and grandfather.

Edgar Degas Pictures

Edgar Degas Pictures

Facts about Edgar Degas 7: painting

Since his early life, Degas started to paint.  In 1853, he earned a baccalauréat in literature from the Lycée. He created a studio of art in his house. His father wanted him to pursue law school. In November 1853, he attended Faculty of Law of the University of Paris. However, he had a little interest in his study.

Facts about Edgar Degas 8: drawing

Degas decided to study at École des Beaux-Arts due to the advice from Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. The mentor, who influenced his drawing at school, was Louis Lamothe.

Facts about Edgar Degas

Facts about Edgar Degas

Facts about Edgar Degas 9: the Salon

Scene of War in the middle Ages was the painting of Degas accepted by the jury to exhibit in the Salon. However, the painting only earned low level of attention. Look at facts about Dulce et Decorum est here.

Facts about Edgar Degas 10: the greatest work

The greatest work of Degas was mainly created in 1874.

Edgar Degas Image

Edgar Degas Image

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